Costuming Art Dolls

We are really excited today! Karen Baker is back and this time she will show us how to create costumes for art dolls.

She also brought her 3 latest creations: See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. They are awesome and so fitting since we are close to Halloween.

This is a 3 days course so be sure to tune in for the next 3 days. Get your needle ready!

Costuming Art Dolls is live here

Details for the course Costuming Art Dolls is here

Karen Baker Art Dolls

halloween art doll

costumes for art dolls

Mixed Media Watercolor Animals Day 2

It is early and we are getting ready for day 2 of Mixed Media Watercolor Animals with Kenzie Galbraith.

Day 1 was fantastic and people learned a lot. Today she will add the landscapes to the animals.

if you missed this one it is a good thing you can still get the mixed media watercolor animals on demand and have lifetime access.

Just saying.

Watercolour Painting Course

Watercolor lion

Drawing grid

Kenzie Galbraith


Mixed Media Watercolor Animals Course

We started today the Mixed Media Watercolor Course with Kenzie Galbraith. She makes gorgeous animals that look amazing on a wall and even on a tattoo.

Plus she uses all kinds of cool pencils, gouache and watercolor.

This first day she is teaching people how to draw the animals. She started with the grid system and some other two options of drawing the animals in an easy way


Jake, our director working as the host today.



watercolour bear

watercolour animal

Mixed Media Watercolor Animals

Bangle Bracelet Wire Weaving

We are having a blast with Bangle Bracelet Wire Weaving course. Artist Kathy Hacking is really fun to watch and her explanations are so clear. We also loved the booklet she prepared for this class. So many pictures and details!

Here is just a sneak peak on the pieces she is making.

wire wrapping

wire jewelry

wire wrapping bracelet

wire and beads

All this and more plus she still has one more day of Bracelet Wire Weaving online course

Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom

Talk about a huge success! Deanna Baugh rocked the house. Thousands of people from all around the World came to see  Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom live online course.

No questions were left unanswered and she showed how to weave a beautiful scarf on the rigid heddle loom.

She showed a nice selection of options to weave on the rigid heddle loom. She loves to make dish towels and a lot of our audience does too. That never crossed my mind.

Weave dish towel

Rigid heddle towel


The beautiful scarf Deanna created in the rigid heddle loom online course

weaved towel

Rigid Heddle table runner

rigid loom course IMG_20170818_085413_417

This was a very fun 3 day course that you can get on-demand at Curious Mondo. Rigid Heddle Loom Course


Fusing Glass Ideas for the Holidays Day 3

Jodi McRaney-Rusho is on the third day of her course Fusing glass for the Holidays. So many ideas, so much covered.

She started with Halloween today and a Fused Glass Skeleton that glows in the dark. Then a fused glass skull that is really cool. Incredible that you can make these things with fused glass.

Fused Glass Skeleton

fused glass skull

Then she made a few pieces to Hanukkah. The minora was my favorite.

Fused glass minora

Fused Glass stars

And of course, the last class has to be about Christmas.

The self-standing fused glass Christmas tree is always a hit!

Fused glass Christmas tree

And the moving fused glass dove is to die for.

Fused Glass Dove

One of our students said: Nancy de : The 3-day course covered 31 projects and 17 patterns.

More Glass Art for the Holidays

Jodi McRaney-Rusho is going full force with her course Fusing Glass for the Holidays.

Some very cool ideas for Father’s day, Great options if you sell your glass art, some 4th of July glass gift options, and an awesome glow in the dark ghost and Zombies for Halloween glass art.

Father's day glass gift

Father’s day glass saver

4th of July glass art

4th of July wind chime

Fused Glass Gift

Fish for Easter

Glass art gift

Soap container

glass ghost

Self-Standing glass ghost

Self-standing glass star

Of courses all pieces come with patterns found in the student’s area.

Glass Fusing for the Holidays

Need some glass fusing ideas? Here are a few glass pieces for you to make for the holidays.

At Curious Mondo you always find a source of inspiration. Below a few pieces of our 3 day course on Glass fusing for the Holidays

Fused glass classJodi McRaney-Rusho started today her course on Glass fusing for the Holidays. So many pieces and so cute! Here is a sneak peak of her pieces for today:

fusing glass class

courses on glass art

fusing glass course

You can access the course here: Glass Fusing for the Holidays

Fusing glass course

Doll Artist Karen Baker Featured at BoredPanda

Art doll artist and Curious Mondo instructor was featured at Bored Panda.

Check the article:

How important it is to make things with our hands? Extremely! It helps you go through life and solve problems. When you create you start with an idea- abstract, try to translate that with some medium (Clay, paint, fiber), go through some frustration because when you start it does not look right and then you have a finished piece- Concrete. Going from an idea to something concrete helps us figure out solutions, control emotions and understand our limits. All people need to create! CuriousMondo livestream courses for free and reach over 27 countries so people can learn how to create. Artist Karen Baker is one of Curious Mondo instructor and helps people create amazing art dolls using polymer clay. She has been sculpting art dolls for over 20 years.

Elf in Polymer Clay

Elf maid in polymer Clay

Free Form Yarn Dyeing

We are having a blast with Catherine Marchant while she is giving the class on Free Form Yarn Dyeing.

She is showing us fun and fast ways to dye yarn. I love the Juice dyeing.

Here are a few pieces she made on the first day, Wet and dry.

So many cool things could be created with these skeins. Which I could keep them!

yarn dyeing



yarn dyeing

Recycled Glass Jewelry Making Online Course

All classes are fun at Curious Mondo but when Jodi McRaney-Rusho is the instructor, something magical happens. The chat lights on fire.

It is such a unique experience. Her last class was Recycled Glass Jewelry Making Online Course.

Take a look at just some of the pieces covered in the course. Just a taste because there were many more:

Recycled Glass Jewelry Making Online Course


Some necklaces and bracelets on the first day.

girls and power tools

These girls are ready for power tools!

recycled glass jewelry

Amazing effect on some of the glass pieces!

clear glass jewelry

Clear glass jewelry on Jodi’s neck

She also made a glass jewelry kit available and people went crazy over it. On the online course’s page you can see more pieces available inside the course.

Online Course on Wire Wrapping

This time we start a series of online courses on wire wrapping.

The first one was basic wire wrapping.

Shahar Boyayan and Jakob Jennings were the instructors, Scott Romig the host and the audience loved them.

Six full hours of pure content and a lot of wire wrapped pieces made.

online courses on wire wrapping wiregroup wirejake wiremusketters wireweaving

There was a small glitch with the live streaming on the second day but people kept having fun in the chat until things were back to normal. People in the chat made comments that Jakob is so cute and talented and Shahar funny and entertaining. Guess they make a good duo!

Here is a sneak peak on the online course on wire wrapping

Online Course on Watercolor Portraits- Recap

We had a blast this week with the online course Watercolor portraits with Colleen Reynolds!

Colleen Reynolds came back with another online course. This time on Watercolor portraits.

Colleen not only is an excellent artist, she teaches like no one else.

Nashlah Boyayan was the host for this class. They work really well together

These are just some of the portraits covered during the class.

Online Course on Watercolor Portraits



She also gave an online class on Watercolor basics and one on Flat washes in watercolour.

Colleen is busy now moving to another city but we hope to have her teaching at Curious Mondo again in the near future.

Here is a sneak peak of her online course on Watercolour Portraits

Recap on the online course on crochet planned color pooling

Here is a recap on the online course on crochet planned color pooling by Kim Sorensen

This was Kim’s first online course at Curious Mondo and she rocked!

Shahar Boyayan was the host for this course. She tried a little bit of crochet pooling on camera but that didn’t go very far.

She knows so much about crochet pooling and she is so good teaching. People fell in love with her. She got tons of questions and the audience was really excited to get their projects started.

This was not a short tutorial but a 9 hour course. In-depth so people could become masters in planned color pooling

She showed several variations, patterns and styles of planned color pooling. The gifts for the chat drawing were also incredible.

crochet pooling