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Sculpting Classes

Topics in this category include: art dolls, bjd, cold porcelain, Paverpol, metal,  paper clay, puppetry, polymer clay, and more!

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Glass Art Classes

Topics in this category include: art glass, glass casting, fused glass, mosaics, recycled glass, stained glass, and more!

Jewelry Classes

Topics in this category include: polymer clay, concrete, silversmithing, resin, wire wrapping, metalsmithing, metal clay, and more!

Jewelry Courses Online

Fiber & Textile Classes

Topics in this category include: needle felting, macrame, basketry, spinning, dyeing, felting, sewing, quilting, weaving, and more!

Fiber and Textile Courses Online

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Sculpting a Polymer Clay Frog in a Pond

Sculpting a Polymer Clay Frog in a Pond

Ever wondered how polymer artist Melissa Terlizzi sculpts her whimsical frogs and toads? Here is your opportunity to find out, as she shares with Mondo Makers all the techniques and tricks to making a big green bullfrog! In this 3 Day sculpting course, Melissa will...

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Fiber Art Symposium 2023

Fiber Art Symposium 2023

Take your fiber and textile skills to the next level! Have fun and win! Over 20 online workshops over 5 days with the most amazing fiber artists for FREE. Amazing artists from several countries. Workshops, interviews and much more...Please join us! Some categories in...

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How to Make Cellular Art Fused Glass Structures

How to Make Cellular Art Fused Glass Structures

Sarinda Jones uses art glass to create free-form organic fused shapes inspired by the microscopic world. This fusing glass course will encourage you, the artist, to emerge, experiment and, play. Follow along with Sarinda as she demonstrates several projects from start...

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Create Stained Glass Waterfowl Sculptures

Create Stained Glass Waterfowl Sculptures

Flat panels aren’t the only thing you can make with stained glass. This course will cover creating flat, stained glass pieces and mounting them on driftwood to create a breathtaking sculpture. We’ll be making flat stained glass birds (a heron, stilt, and killdeer) as...

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Let’s Play With Ceramic Clay: Making Coil Pots

Let’s Play With Ceramic Clay: Making Coil Pots

Are you looking for a way to let your creativity soar? Then you'll love this class on making coil pots. This course will guide you through the basics of hand building unique pieces using ceramic clay coils (rolling a rope with a lump of clay). With very few tools (no...

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“We are Mondo Makers. We live and breathe creativity: we find creative solutions to problems, we bring new ideas into fruition, we are committed to empowering self-expression and cultivating resourcefulness in people and communities. We do this through ART. By making it, preserving it, and carrying on the legacy of different art forms!

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