Creating Wire Wrapped Hearts

Kathy Hacking is back at Curious Mondo.
This time she is teaching How to Make Wire Wrapped Hearts.
As usual she rocks our audience and they love her playful personality.
Many say that although they watch a lot of tutorials online, no one explain in such a clear and simple way how to do wire wrapping.

Kathy loves what she does and it shows.

These hearts are stunning and were made on the first day of this course.
There is a lot more for tomorrow.
wire wrapped heart

wire wrapping hearts

wire wrapped jewelry making

EP 04 – Jodie McDougall – Glass and Fiber Artist – Creativity in Focus

Live Interview with Glass and Fiber Artist Jodie McDougall was a blast. Our host was glass artist Jodi McRaney-Rusho and we all had a blast. Jodie McDougall talked a little about glass techniques when making millefiori canes, showed the process of some of her pieces, talked about what moves her and some business tips. glass millefiori canes Simply it was another amazing episode of Creativity in Focus. Artist Jodie McDougall also talked about how she makes fun wet felted hats. Every week we have a new interview. Tuesdays at 2:30 on our Curious Mondo Facebook page CREATIVITY_ON_FOCUS

EP 03 – Beverly Oliwa – Turning T-Shirts Into Sculptural Art! – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

CREATIVITY_ON_FOCUS Creativity in Focus interviews artist Beverly Oliwa and she will be talking about how to turn t-shirts into sculptural art. Beverly uses Paverpol as a textile hardener in order to make her sculptures   Beverly has her course at Curious Mondo: How to Create Indoor/Outdoor Sculptures for Beginners using Paverpol Here are some of the sculptures Beverly creates with Paverpol: paverpol-sculpture birdinpaverpol paverpol-sculpting-01 paverpol artist

We had a blast with Temari Balls

The course on How to make Temari balls was super fun!

These balls make gorgeous ornaments, look very intricate but are not difficult to make.

Catherine showed how to make several different designs in a simple way to understand.

According to the audience they were mesmerized. I think temari balls make wonderful gifts.


yarn balls

Balls with thread

EP 02 – Allison Harding – Creativity in Focus

Interview with fiber artist Allison Harding where she talks about fiber, spinning and wet felting. She showed her amazing pieces in Nuno Felt. alison harding This episode was super informative and fun. CREATIVITY_ON_FOCUS

A BJD Course Like no Other

Wow! Just Wow!. That is what most people said after they watched Noemi Smith give the course  Making a Ball Jointed Doll Character with Paperclay.

During 3 days she went into major detail on how to create a ball jointed doll in a professional way. Everything so if you want to cast your dolls later to sell you would have the best prototype to work with.

The joints were advanced and people were mesmerized by how she makes them. And how she works with paperclay was a Wow moment for most.

course bjd

ball jointed horns

Noemi is coming back next year with a course on how to make molds and cast BJDs

BJD pig 20171115_101831

Contest for OOAK Ball Jointed Dolls

Contest “Making a Mini BJD Character”
By Angels by Noemi

This contest are for students of Making a Ball Jointed Doll Character

bjd contestGoing from: Dec 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018
Final date for People’s Choice: April 14, 2018
Participants have to send 5 pictures with views of Front, back, left side, right side and closer (or best view)
Send to:

Judged by Noemi Smith.
The Contest will have two categories each one will have one winner, inviting Artists beginners and advance as well.
⦁ 1st Prize for Advance category:
Will be a Blank Cast of “Pepita” the Pig made in the Character BJD Class.
⦁ 1st Prize for beginner category:
Will be a complete Resin bjd Piggy Pet.
Three finalists on each category will be chosen then final votes will be cast by the public (Social Network)
Winners will be announced on April 15, 2018

⦁ Open only for Curious Mondo students that had purchased the “Character BJD class” or students buying the “BJD Mold Making Class”
⦁ Doll has to be completely made by the participant, all handmade from scratch with either paper clay or polymer.
⦁ The doll has to be made especially for this contest in the time given.
⦁ Fantasy or animal characters only.
⦁ Only pictures need to be submitted.
⦁ Work in progress can be shared in social Networks
⦁ Only one submission per participant.
⦁ Final presentation of the doll can be blank or painted, eyes are ok to add (no need for clothing or wigs)

contest for BJD

Jack Johnston and Art Doll Making

Here is an interview I did with Jack Johnston an icon in the art doll industry. He tells us about his business and the doll industry. With host Shahar Boyayan from Curious Mondo. Jack Johnston is an icon in the doll making industry. He has helped many entrepreneurs start their own doll making business. Today he shares with us his view of entrepreneurship, doll making and some secrets in his business. He is known for art dolls made of polymer clay, is part of the art dolls guild and owner of Prosculpt clay brand.

art doll artist

EP 01 – Noemi Smith – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

CREATIVITY_ON_FOCUSOur first episode of Creativity in focus where we highlight artists and their art. Noemi Smith is our guest in this episode where she talks about creating, challenges and Ball Jointed Dolls. Noemi Smith is a figurative artists and create amazing dolls. She is an instructor at Curious Mondo

Check out her courses!

Angels by Noemi

We burned Santa’s Nose

Talk about a class full of events. How to sculpt Santas in Polymer Clay with Karen Baker.

Very first day we are into class number 2 connection goes out and there is no way to come back live. We later found out it was a nationwide issue but still frustrating. We added one more day of live to be able to broadcast he whole course.

Second day at the end of the third class, Santa’s head comes out of the oven and this time is has a burned nose. That was unexpected. Our oven during that time decided to spike the temperature and that caused the problem.

Karen Baker didn’t miss a beat. Caught a scalpel and cut that nose off. You could almost hear the audience Awe. Not really, but I bet they did scream a little inside.

Today she came with Santa’s head and a new nose and no one could ever tell it got attached later. That’s how amazing she is.

We added hair, made the hands and boots. Tomorrow we will put the Santa together.

People are loving this course on How to sculpt Santas!

santa in polymer clay

character sculpting

Santa Claus head

Learn How to Paint with Wool

This week was my turn. I thought the class

Creating Paintings with Wool. 

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. We created an African Pygmy Falcon Hoop Art,

Wool Painting Hoop art

then a needle felted Western Screech owl on a fiber canvas

felted owl

A Happy felted Cockatoo

bird wall art

And the wool painted landscape with a 3d tree

wool painted

Painting with wool is a lot of fun. We realized during this online course on how to paint with wool that a lot of people have the perception that needle felting is just for kids. They were mesmerized by what you can create with a little bit of wool and a  barbed needle and how from all angles it will become a beautiful work of art.

I’ve been addicted to needle felting for a long time. My main focus is on sculpting but every now and then I do some wool painting. I’ve set a private goal to do a new wool painting at least every two weeks. I’d like to improve my skills in color blending and details.

Easy to set up the goal, now with everything else I like to make, the challenge will be to find the time.

wool-painting kestrel

This wool painted kestrel is a variation of the falcon. Same pattern.

needle felted parrot

This needle felted parrot is a variation of the Cockatoo wool painting.

We also did a variation of the owl. A pygmy owl

How to Weave on a Triangle Loom

How fun this class How to Weave on a Triangle Loom has been!

I really thought that weaving on a tri loom was easy and simple but found out there is a lot more options and a lot of things to learn. I thought the plain weave was the only option for this type of loom but I was really wrong on that.

Jenny Ferguson is so cute and so knowledgeable. Not only on triangle loom but all things fiber. She is a major spinner and an Alpaca farmer. We showed some of her Alpacas during the course.

The course on Triangle loom is a must for every fiber enthusiast.

It is getting a little colder out there so it is the perfect time to learn triangle loom weaving and start making awesome shawls. By the way there are many more things that can be created on the tri loom. Think that 2 triangles make a square and then the World is an oister.

Class on triangle loom weaving

tri-loom shawl

blocks on triangle loom

triangle loom tutorial weave shawl on triangle loom

Her husband makes triangle looms and we have two sizes to offer. 18″ and 3 feet. They are made of oak wood which is really strong. Click here to get your triangle loom


Mold Making for Fusing Glass

Who knew there are so many ways to create molds for fused glass?

We are only on the second day of the course Mold Making for Fusing Glass withJodi McRaney-Rusho

Latex, Clay, Plaster, Fire bricks, polymer clay are just a few of the ways Jodi makes molds for fusing glass.

Not only she tells you how to make the molds there are so many examples of finished pieces.

The audience went crazy and had so many questions and no questions are left behind.

We still have 3 more classes to go! Wow!

20171009_102158 20171009_102739_HDR 20171009_130134

There are also 3 bonus classes we will be recording tomorrow. One of them is how to build this guy.


Nashlah Boyayan is the host for this course. They make a super good team.

20171010_113223 20171010_113233

Creating Ball Joint Dolls Heaven

Wow! That is all I can say after the second day of Creating a BJD doll with Apryl Jensen. She shows such a simple way for creating such amazing dolls. I can’t wait to get mine done.

Today we covered the torso, hands and feet. Tomorrow we will put the doll together, get some paint done.

If you ever thought about sculpting a BJD, you need this course

sculpting a BJD


bjd torso tutorial

How to Make Ball Jointed Dolls

How to Make Ball Jointed Dolls with Apryl Jehnsen. Today was our first day of this course. People loved Apryl’s style. She created a pixie face.

Not without some issues. We had some streaming problems out of our control. But tomorrow she will recap and move to the next phase.

By the end of the How to Make Ball Jointed Dolls course, people will have learned how to build a full doll.

How to Make Ball Jointed Dolls

bjd doll course

20170918_084105_HDR (1)