Dimensional Art with Paper Clay

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What you will learn in this mixed media course:


Class 1:

  • About the instructor
  • About Paper Clay
  • Tool Discussions
  • Sculpt simple flowers in bas-relief

Class 2:

  • Apply flowers to heart
  • Variations
  • Preparing the board with gesso, substrate discussion

Class 3:

  • Sculpt bird
  • Smooth edges
  • Sculpt form
  • Add detail

Class 4:

  • Working with dried clay
  • Clean up pieces (sanding, cutting, etc.)
  • How to fix warped pieces
  • Add protective layers

Class 5:

  • Glue dry flowers to dry heart, add wet stems and leaves
  • Carving on dry clay

Class 6:

  • Painting gesso on pieces and board art
  • Painting gloss medium over natural clay ornaments
  • Painting gloss medium over gessoed clay work

Class 7:

  • All about opaque paints
  • First pass, second pass, third pass painting using opaque and transparent paints to enhance colors

Class 8:

  • All about transparent paints for luminous color
  • Using transparent paints to brighten colors

Class 9:

  • Papering techniques
  • Painting over paper
  • Removing paint with alcohol
  • Framing and finishing ideas


  • Download for 8 page Step-by-Step for creating Vase of Flowers
  • Demo: 3D hanging heart
  • Demo: Mold making
  • Discussion: Figurine making
  • Demo: armature with tin foil, paper and tape for Bird and Pig
  • Discussion: Jewelry making
  • Demo: Subtractive painting techniques with alcohol
  • Demo: How to modify wooden and plastic tools
  • Download for Wild Rose on Heart pattern
  • Download for Bird Pattern

About this mixed media course

Join mixed media artist and author, Rogene Mañas for a fun 3-day onlone workshop creating dimensional wall art with paper clay. Create bas-relief images that have the look of carved wood and leave people wondering how they were made. Paper clay is an easy-to-use, air-dried clay that holds amazing detail, is non-toxic, and does not require baking or firing. It comes out of the pack ready-to-use and is available at most art supply and craft stores. This unique and innovative process is fun, flexible and forgiving, making it perfect for beginning and advanced students alike. Another amazing art course online!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Dimensional Art with Paper Clay

Time table:
9 hours

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Paper clay artists, sculptors, painters, mixed media artists

Main objective:
Learn to create dimensional wall art with paper clay



About the instructor

Rogene Mañas 

Rogene Mañas retired from her international card company, PhotoTidings, in 2006 to focus on art-making. She studied at the University of Oregon and worked with numerous professional artists in the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Italy and France in developing her skills. After becoming an accomplished plein-air landscape painter, she made a sudden departure in style and materials after spending winters in Mexico. Inspired by the allegorical nature of Latin American folk art, she shifted her focus from the external world to the internal one. Now as a contemporary folk artist, she makes art about her own thoughts and feelings, often combining nature images with human forms. In her book, Artful Paperclay, published by North Light Books in 2016, Rogene shares the unique and inventive paper clay and mixed media techniques that make her work stand out. She teaches workshops in Oregon and Mexico, and her work may be seen in galleries in Oregon, California and at her website, www.rogenemanas.com. In 2011, she was featured on Oregon Art Beat, a regional program on PBS showcasing Oregon Artists.

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