Watercolour Portraits

with Colleen Reynolds

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What you will learn:

Head Proportions and Profile Drawing

Class 1:

  • Proportions of the Head and Facial Features

Class 2:

  • Draw/Paint What You See (not what you know)

  • Angles, Proportions and Interrelationships

Class 3:

  • Drawing – Adult Male, sketch and value study

Skin Tones and the Face-on Portrait

Class 4:

  • Sketches: Adult female

  • Sketches: Child

Class 5:

  • Pigment choices for a variety of skin tones

Class 6

  • Straight-on portrait, light skin tone

Three - Quarter View Portrait

Class 7:

  • A Little “Perspective” on the Face – In three-quarter view

Class 8:

  • Drawing – Three-Quarter view adult female

Class 9:

  • Painting – Adult female, dark skin tone


  • Creating Value Study and Contour Drawing for Watercolour Painting

About the course

In this 3-day workshop, participants will learn the basics planes of the human head and evaluate pigment choices for a variety of skin tones.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:

Curious Mondo: Watercolour Portraits

Time table:
9 hours

Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Anyone who wants to perfect their watercolour painting skills.

Main objective:
Understand pigment choices for skin tones and paint human heads.


About the instructor

Colleen Reynolds

Colleen Reynolds’ watercolor paintings feature a variety of subjects, including figures, portraits and botanicals. She considers her paintings of “furry critters” and “flower critters” an enjoyable version of the more “serious” focus on figurative pieces.

Colleen is an award-winning painter who shows her work regularly throughout Utah and other western states. She has a Master’s in Education and Bachelor’s degrees in Fine Art and Mathematics. Because of her teaching credentials, Colleen has also become an “in-demand” art workshop instructor.

Colleen paints out of her Cottonwood Heights studio (near Salt Lake City, Utah). She also teaches monthly watercolor classes at her classroom location in Millcreek, Utah. She is a Past President of the Utah Watercolor Society and member of the Intermountain Society of Artists. You may be interested to know, Colleen completed a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy! She is a retired Cryptologic Officer and maintains many friendships and contacts around the world as a result.