Fist educational online video platform to use AI hosts

Curious Mondo innovates again. During the Polymer Clay symposium, Curious Mondo started testing AI hosts. During 3 different days we used 3 different versions of AI hosts. They would come and do a call to action. It was fun and we see a lot of possibilities for the future. Once the technology allows them to look more natural. We do plan to keep testing them in future courses. We believe this would increase the level of entertainment and provide a variety of hosts that otherwise would not be possible.

Would you like to Rent A Course?

Here we are innovating the online course industry once again. First we introduced live streaming courses with audience interaction, than the Director’s chair where you choose the angle you want to watch a course while we are live and now the option of renting a course when you are not sure which to buy. Later if you decide to own that course, you can apply what you paid for rent as a discount. Wow, just Wow! Choose which course to rent now

Stained Glass Poinsettia Wreath with Cheryl Peterson

Make a stunning poinsettia wreath using the foil method (also known as Tiffany style) of stained glass. We’ll build several sizes of poinsettia flowers, as well as holly leaves and berries that you can combine to create custom wreaths, candle rings or display them on their own as a floral arrangement.

  • Use a variety of colors and textures of glass to enhance visual interest
  • Tips and tricks for assembling poinsettias for a wreath or candle ring
  • How to make those pesky stamen Attach flowers, leaves and berries to a large or small ring.
  • Make it a lighted wreath!

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Hanging by a Wire! Animal Pendants in Polymer Clay

with Melissa Terlizzi

In this course, we will demonstrate how to make 3 different polymer clay pendants: a big-eyed chameleon on a leaf, a tropical tree frog, and an exotic goldfish. Students will learn how to blend the clay and shape each animal, how to add texture and attach all the features. We will also provide tips on ways to help strengthen the pendants, and ensure they hang properly. We’ll also discuss paint options and other embellishments. Join us for this fun and educational Animal Pendants in Polymer Clay online course.

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How To Make A Fantasy Fox Posable Art Doll

with Jenny Roemmich

Join us for this fun, fast pace course as we go step by step through the process of making a fully posable Fantasy Fox, Art Doll. You’ll see how to sculpt the head, and paws of our fox in polymer clay. We’ll cover how to make, attach, weight and pad the dolls unique posable armature. Finishing it all off with pizazz and character through coloring faux fur, pelt patterning and sewing your doll.

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