How to Carve Freeform Shapes From Glass and Stone

with Jack Hoque

In this how to Carve on Glass and Stone Course online class, Jack Hoque will teach his techniques and tools he uses to cut, carve and polish semi-precious gemstones and glass into freeform shapes with polished grooves and bubbles. These cold working techniques (also known as a form of lapidary) will help you create one of a kind pieces that will definitely set you apart from the rest!

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Basic Bottle Glass Fusing

with Jodi McRaney-Rusho

Learn how to make beautiful and creative fused glass art using bottle glass, molds and a kiln. Bottle glass is an inexpensive alternative to art glass that is also great for the environment. This fused glass course will take you through the absolute basics, including what tools you’ll need, all the way through multiple, increasingly complex projects. In this fusing glass course we will cover making fused glass art from whole bottles, two ways to cut bottles, how to make sheets of glass from cut bottles, fused donuts, fused bottle bottom molds with embellishments, kiln formed recycled glass beads and jewelry, Fuse and Fold animals-including two exclusive designs available only through this course. We will also explore how firing schedules work, what is happening at each stage and how to adjust your firing schedule. We will spend time reviewing common glass fusing problems and how to solve them.

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How to Make French Beading Flowers

with Shahar Boyayan

Learn how to create beautiful beaded flowers using the French Beading technique. You will learn: Basic Framing, Spikes, Loops, Loop around Lacing …and much more! All while creating gorgeous flowers that you can use for decor, head bands and art pieces! Come make a whole garden of French beaded flowers. No French necessary.

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Connecting the Base of the French Beading Flowers with Shahar Boyayan

“So this is the one we made. We did this. He goes, under the flower. So all I did was five full loops. Like you’ve learned already. And then I’m going to add that to the, piece. Of course, normally I would insert the flower with the wire here, but in this case, I’m just going to make it work another way. And then I can either twist a little bit of the wire. I’m just going to hold close to the care. And I put the flower tape to hide a buddy. Normally you would do this the moment you’re putting the center of the flower. Now we can call it a complete flower and then you arrange. Usually you have five is more than enough to do this and put around the flour and you have it. Okay. There you go.”

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