PaverMondo Interviews Brenda Helfrich

Come meet some of the best textile artists using the textile hardener Paverpol. See some amazing pieces, city tours and quick tutorials. Live and interactive you can participate in the interviews by submitting questions while we are live. Paverpol has created many possibilities for textile artists. Using textiles and Paverpol you can create garden sculptures,Wall pieces, paintings and a lot, lot more! 

PaverMondo Interviews Lise St.Cyr

Come meet some of the best textile artists using the textile hardener Paverpol. See some amazing pieces, city tours and quick tutorials. Live and interactive you can participate in the interviews by submitting questions while we are live. Paverpol has created many possibilities for textile artists. Using textiles and Paverpol you can create garden sculptures,Wall pieces, paintings and a lot, lot more! 

Painting Tips for Dimensional Paper Clay Art with Rogene Manas

“I have an example here. I’m going to start with, and I’m going to use just the black, I’m just going to start with black. I’m going to do this on a flower here. I’m not using thick paint. This is very important. I’m using thin paint and the grayer, meaning, the thinner the paint, the grayer, the lighter your work is going to appear. So if maybe if you’re doing flowers, you don’t want it to be heavy black. Maybe you want it to be a softer color. So we’ll just do a half of it at a time.”

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Testing Colors While Painting Watercolor Portraits with Colleen Reynolds

“So another thing I like to do before, if I’m, hesitant of what color combinations to do. I like to have a piece of just clear paper, the paper that I’m actually going to paint on though, not some bad paper and just test your colors before you start and see what they, see what they look like. So I have a little bit of that. Ozzy red, gold I talked about is kind of a new color I don’t know much about. So maybe on a piece of scrap paper, that’s professional grade, the same paper I’m going to use for my painting. I’ll take my combination of colors and I’ll do a little triangle swatch. So this is my pression blue, so it’s quite dark.”

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Sculpting Clouds for a Dragonfly Notebook Cover with Andrea Corpodean

“It’s thicker so I can, make volumes on it and then one more. Okay, let me move them. I’m gonna use my tool and then, two bolt tools and all the start with the bigger one. I don’t know why, just because I feel like I’m going to throw it to adjust the shape. Nope. See, let me try this, these tool. So now we know clouds, they have whatever shapes they want. So you can’t go wrong with the cloud. I think, I hope. And after I did this, I’m going to take the poll tool and just, you know, press a bit. So to give it like, you know, this, the weird texture here, so did you won’t be smooth. Okay. It doesn’t matter how you make it.”

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Curious Mondo, Proud Winner of The Telly Awards

Curious Mondo is a proud winner of the Telly Awards. Bronze in the online category.

The 42nd Annual Telly Awards Honors Winners Netflix, Jennifer Garner, HBO Latin America, Microsoft, RadicalMedia, Condé Nast, Adobe, Nickelodeon, and Partizan

Continued surge in remote and virtual productions embodies ingenuity of creative leaders while Al Jazeera Media Network takes home esteemed ‘Telly Company of the Year’ award

New York, NY (May 25, 2021) — The Telly Awards, the world’s largest honor for video and television content across all screens, has announced this year’s winners, including Jennifer Garner’s “Pretend Cooking Show” series, RadicalMedia’s “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” documentary series, Partizan’s “Fantastic Voyage” campaign, and much more. Under this year’s “Your Stories Defy The Limits” theme, standouts encompass the artistic and technical innovations that have surfaced in direct response to the challenges presented by 2020 and 2021. Additional winners range from NetflixMicrosoftCondé NastHBO Latin America, and Nickelodeon to BET DigitalAdobePlaystationBBC Global News, and PAPER.

Founded in 1979, the Telly Awards honors excellence in video and television across all screens and is judged by the Telly Award Judging Council, a group of leading video and television experts from some of the most prestigious companies in entertainment, publishing, advertising, and emerging technology, such as WarnerMedia, NBC News, Framestore NY, and Vimeo to name a few.

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The 42nd annual Telly Awards received a 15% increase in entries from the previous year. The growth was driven by a significant rise in remote and virtual productions, with many brands taking to animation for the first time. The Telly Awards is also proud to name Al Jazeera Media Network as this year’s ‘Telly Company of the Year’. A trailblazer in bringing to life limit-defying content, Al Jazeera’s breadth of work, particularly its “A Day in Wuhan” and “Stricken Beirut” along with “About Cinema” series, perfectly embodies the creativity and storytelling efforts the Telly Awards have long shined a spotlight on.

“In the face of a year like no other, the visual storytelling community has continued to defy the limitations of our new world. Achievements have been both societal, such as embracing social media platforms to raise awareness about injustices and promote solidarity for movements, as well as geographical, like developing fully remote pipelines for dispersed teams”, says Telly Awards Executive Director Sabrina Dridje. “This year’s submissions doubled down on what we already know about the industry. Creativity cannot be stopped. Collaboration will always prevail. New ideas and stories will always find a way to break through to an audience.”

In recognition of the industry’s evolving cultural change, The Telly Awards continued its commitment toward supporting the talent, voices, and narratives of underrepresented artists around the globe. At the start of the season, The Telly Awards welcomed Ghetto Film School and UK-based We Are Parable as media partners. This mission was also reflected within the international and multidisciplinary judging lineup, which was bolstered by the joinings of Shalini Sharma of NBC News, Ryan Honey of Buck, Andrew Wareham of Taxi Group Australia, Karyn Spencer of Whalar, Amy Tunick of WarnerMedia, Jamie Elden of Shutterstock, Kavita Lokchander of Thrive Global, Meghan Oretsky of Vimeo, and Andrew Rowan-Robinson of Framestore NY.

On the heels of a hugely successful virtual screening series, The Telly Awards has also rolled out its first-ever original and monthly interview series to further celebrate creators who have pushed the boundaries of possibility.

Entitled “Hot Takes ”, it features unfiltered discussions presented by a chosen industry expert. The latest installments include “Will Change The Future of Content and Media?” from Josh Ness of Verizon 5G Labs and “Brand Strategy In a Post-Pandemic World ” from Dushane Ramsay of Square, with many more to come.

Finally, it was a standout year for the ‘People’s Telly Awards’, which are given to the most-loved pieces chosen by the Telly Awards audience and, this year, received the most public votes in the history of the category. Winners include Square’s “Black Owned”, a stirring film series chronicling the lives of Black business owners across three of the nation’s most populous cities, the Walt Disney Company’s “Cooking with Pixar”, and WeTransfer’s “Doubt. Create. Repeat.” global brand campaign. The latter boldly calls on the creative community to harness feelings of doubt in pursuit of their ideas.

View the 42nd Annual Telly Awards Winners Reel below!

42nd Annual Telly highlights from this year’s winners include:

Use of Stock Footage

  • The Walt Disney Company won for “Star Wars: The Animals Strike Back” in Branded Content
  • Adobe won for “Adobe Care Help Channel” in Non-Broadcast
  • Les Beaux Films won for “Bob Dylan Retrospectrum – On The Road” in Non-Broadcast
  • Viewstream won for “Meet Zazu” in Online Commercials

Virtual Events & Experiences

  • PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs won for “Face the Facts: Election 2020 Youth Town Hall” in Online
  • Christie’s won for “ONE: A Global Sale of the 20th Century | Livestream” in Online
  • CK Productions won for “Tomorrowland – Around The World – First Digital Festival” in Immersive & Mixed Reality
  • Jump! Creative won for “YouTube: Dear Class of 2020” in Social Video

Influencer & Celebrity

  • Viacom Velocity won for “Bad Boys For Life – Couples Therapy” in Social Video
  • CBS Interactive won for “The Late Late Show: Best of Gordon Ramsay & James Corden” in Social Video
  • The-Artery won for “The Small Things (ft. Snoop Dogg) | SodaStream” in Branded Content
  • FORTUNE won for “Collin Morikawa – The Sky’s the Limit” in Branded Content

Remote Production

  • The Walt Disney Company won for “Our Star Wars Stories” in Branded Content
  • ViacomCBS won for “U.S. Cellular – Fathers On the Frontline” in Non-Broadcast
  • Nickelodeon won for “Staff Meeting Quote Tape” in Non-Broadcast
  • Partizan won for “Pictures” in Branded Content

Museums & Galleries

  • Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture won for “gOD-Talk 2.0: Digital #BlackFaith” in Social Video
  • J. Paul Getty Museum won for “The Getty Villa” in Non-Broadcast
  • Christie’s won for “Jonathan Yeo Studio Visit” in Branded Content
  • Litton Entertainment won for “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation” in Television

Hanging by a Wire! Animal Pendants in Polymer Clay with Melissa Terlizzi

This is a fun and educational Polymer Clay online course. Learn how to blend the clay and shape each animal and how to add texture and attach all the features. You’ll learn tips on ways to help strengthen the pendants, and ensure they hang properly. We’ll also discuss paint options and other embellishments.

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Sculpting on Baby Fat for a Baby Angel Fairy Sculpture with Apryl Jensen

“Okay. So now we’re going to give her a little bit of a fat rolls. Let’s see. I want to use Johnston three and one. It’s a good one to do. And what I like to do to just kind of score them in. So you’re not really cutting. You’re just like, kind of pressing it at an angle a bit. And then usually you do a couple of them as they go. Let’s see, I’m going to do some rights. I just want to push on that a little bit to make that look a little bit more elbowy and then up here, and then I like to do it right here, too, right on the elbow.”

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Tool Techniques for Freeform Shaping Glass & Stones with Jack Hoque

“And again, this is really messy. So this table may be covered with, white dust, but it’s easy to, it’s easy to clean up Right now. I’m just going over the lines. I want everything to be a nice, smooth motion. I want everything to be as deep as all the way around the cuts. So the cut, I want it to be completely the same depth so that there’s no rocky movements in these cuts. So if there’s a lot of rocky movements in the cuts, it’s going to be hard to get those scratches out with the polishing steps.”

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Painting the Body of a Polymer Clay Frog in a Pond with Melissa Terlizzi

“So I have a really dark, dark chocolate brown, and I’m going to start painting that and I painted over everything, except the eyes. I try to avoid the eyes and I’ll start with just one side of the frog too. I’m I’ve the, paint’s not going
to dry, but I don’t want to get my hands in it. I’m trying to avoid is his belly.”

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Detailing With Darks When Painting Watercolor Portraits with Colleen Reynolds

“So I’m just gonna put a couple of dark. So usually on a face, the darkest dark should be the eyeball area, and I’m just going to hint at it. Must’ve been an American, ask him that question And I’m just going to soften that whole area. Try to get a hint of a pupil and that. Face of the eye. Notice I haven’t gone to my little brushes and I’m going to take this blue and I’m going to create this cast shadow from the lens or the, your piece of the glasses and the cast shadow.”

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Problem Solving for Beginning Basket Weaving with Cheryl Dixon

This is a course for an experience level and for beginners who are ready for some different techniques. Create and design your own basket!!

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Detailing Tips for a Dimensional Paper Clay Art with Rogene Manas

“When you go to make something like this, that has a lot of little pointed edges. those are more easily achieved after it’s, after the clay is dry and I’ve got one here, that’s got some little ragged edges on it. And so I’m just going to start cleaning that up. And I’m just pressing down on a cutting mat with my knife.”

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Painting the Base for a Fiber Clay Bird Sculpture with Joanie Wolter

“When you’re doing bird. So I have used a lot of color on my birds. It’s a partly artistic license, partly because most birds, I mean, if you get the light hitting on them, just right. All the colors that show up in that bird are amazing. So here I’m putting on this color. And you can see why I tell you not to use your best brushes for doing this. Well, this does look a lot more jade when you put it on.”

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Adding Texture to a Dragonfly Notebook Cover with Andrea Corpodean

“With weight before I placed this, I want to do something else. I want to add some texture to this area. So I will use the tip of, for mechanical pencil to do that. Okay. You see, it makes those tiny circles. Now we won’t see much of them, but especially on the top area, we won’t see them at all. So it’s done and now I’m really going to take my noodle back and I will place it. It’s deep. We’ll go here and it will go like something like this.”

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