How to Make 3D Paper Models with Brittany Bellows

Today at Curious Mondo Brittany is teaching live how to cut, fold, & glue your way to some amazing 3D paper models. Known as Paper craft, this new art form is becoming all the rage!

Numbered templates are cut and folded, and then puzzle like glued together. The results are amazing 3D models made entirely of paper.

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Amazing 3D paper models
3D Paper Sculptures
3D Paper Sculptures
3D Paper Sculptures

Learn How to Make Paper Jewelry

Want just a quick and fun tutorial? This Thursday March 15th Mondo Market will be showing How to Make Paper Jewelry. Not only you will learn some basic origami shapes that make beautiful jewelry, you will also see how to make them last for a long time

It is live and interactive so you can ask as many questions as you want.

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Fancy Glass Jewelry

Today Jodi is at curious mondo teaching fancy fused glass jewelry. We have been having so much fun so far at our studio, we also learned how to make tiaras. Remember to go on our website during the breaks or after the last class of the day to purchase the course by clicking here so you can have lifetime access coming with a bonus class.

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Fancy fused glass jewelry

EP 14 – Interview with Shiflett Brothers – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

This week Shahar is chatting it up with the awesome Shiflett Brothers! Tune in as they talk about art, life, business, and sculpting! These guys are awesome sculptors and very cool people!

Fluid Painting Flowing

If you use social media you know that fluid painting is a big craze now.

People go crazy with the possibilities of gorgeous paintings.

Carl Mazur is at Curious Mondo with Fluid Painting Art Techniques.

Yesterday he covered several techniques like Dirt pour and many others.

Today besides more techniques, he is teaching about the marketing and selling side of paintings.

acrylicpouring fluidpainting andglass fluidpainting fluidpaintingclass

Pin Loom Madness

The How to Weave with a Pin Loom class was a huge success.
Sarah Scott did an outstanding job teaching pin loom.
First day she showed the weaving part, setting the loom and how to create texture.
Second day was all about seams, borders and creating pieces
Third day she showed some big pieces and the wow moment when she explained how to make a gorgeous coat with the tiny squares.

There was so much interaction and excitement in the audience that we decided to create a pin loom challenge

pin loom weaving

Pin loom binding


Sarah Scott teaching pin loom. Check the poncho on the left.


Cute, fast projects with pin loom

pin loom coat

The amazing pin loom coat

Brioche Knitting

Last week we learned how to do brioche knitting. Aubrey showed us the basic stitches for brioche, how to create the curves and on the second day she showed the 2 colors brioche.

People loved it, specially the two colors

During the class she created a scarf and then showed other possibilities.
Now everyone is addicted to brioche knitting

brioche scarf



EP 13 – Interview with Jack Hoque – Reverse Intaglio Master – Creativity in Focus

This week Shahar is chatting it up with Jack Hoque, Reverse Intaglio extraordinaire! Tune in as they talk about art, life, business, and carving crystals and glass! jackhoque

EP 12 – Polymer Art with Melissa Terlizzi – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Melissa Terlizzi and her polymer clay art. She makes amazing pieces that she sells at galleries, and here she talks about her creation process.

EP 10 – Selling at Bazaars – Creativity in Focus

Shahar Boyayan talks about how to display art and set tables in bazaars and tradeshows. And give few tips that will allow you to get the most of the shows you have your art pieces on.