“I’m going to slap up some clay to use. However, this bird now often times because of a slab roller, and I do a lot of projects where I’m just wrapping clay around and getting started that way. Sometimes I can slip out some clay and I have a long plastic bin out in the garage and I can lay a slab out the clay, put a plastic down, put a layer of clay, plastic layer of clay. But anyway, so I fill the box. Then when I know I’m going to be working on something, I can pull out a big slab of clay. Now, the nice thing about this, is I can have that big slab of clay. It could be dry as a bone. And what I do is I can wrap it in a big wet towel and reconstitute it. So then I can go ahead and use that big slab whenever I want all I have to don’t have to, flatten it every time I can just use what I have reconstituted in a way I go.”

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