Fist educational online video platform to use AI hosts

Curious Mondo innovates again. During the Polymer Clay symposium, Curious Mondo started testing AI hosts. During 3 different days we used 3 different versions of AI hosts. They would come and do a call to action. It was fun and we see a lot of possibilities for the future. Once the technology allows them to look more natural. We do plan to keep testing them in future courses. We believe this would increase the level of entertainment and provide a variety of hosts that otherwise would not be possible.

Pandemic impact: Artists thriving in Salt Lake City

The pandemic has affected multiple businesses related to cultural events and arts in Utah. Some local artists have seen their income plunge to zero due to cancelation of events, galleries being closed etc.

One company in Utah is making sure artists thrive during this time while gaining international and national exposure.

Curious Mondo in South Salt Lake livestream art related courses to artists all over the world.The company is run by a mother and daughter duo

With its informal and very interactive format it educates, entertains and keeps creators minds engaged in positive activities.

Every week a new course streams live to over 30 countries and it is free for anyone to watch.

At the same time provides substantial income to artistseverywhere in the country providing these courses while boosting the local economy.