How to make molds and resin cast BJDs

How to make molds and resin cast BJDs
Talk about a course that goes in-depth. In the past I’ve taken courses on silicone molds and casting with resin. Then whenever I went to cast my pieces I was disappointed with the results. No wonder!
Noemi in this course went through every detail and the most smart ways to have professional level silicone molds and casting the ball jointed dolls in resin.
Even though this course mentions BJDs and those the pieces she shows in the course, this is professional level instruction for anyone interested in sculpting and casting their pieces.
How to make molds

Cast bjd in resin

cast ball jointed doll

Advanced Ball Jointed Doll Course

Advanced Ball Jointed Doll Course with Apryl Jensen is going on full force.
On the firs day she covered how to sculpt an advanced body for ball jointed dolls and today she is covering face and limbs.
She sculpts her dolls in polymer clay.

WE still have one more day for the live. The course will cover wigs and costuming as well
bjd sculptor

bjd sculpting

sculpt ball jointed doll

Garden Sculptures with T-Shirts Was a Hit

Wow! Just Wow!

Beverly Oliwa conquered everyone’s heart and empowered a lot of people to make outdoor sculptures using t-shirt.

Her course is a huge hit and was attended by people in 16 different countries.

Everyone got so excited with this technique, they couldn’t wait to get started.

Most were not familiar with the main product Paverpol and couldn’t believe sculptures with t-shirts could last year in any type of weather.


Look at all the awesome ladies Beverly has sculpted


Can you believe they are all made of wire and T-shirts?


This tipsy lady was one of the bonus classes and a lucky student got to take it home


Everyone loves a fairy in their garden


This was the doll created in class


Her name is Curiosity and she now lives in my home.

Advanced Mold Making for Glass Artists

Advanced Mold Making for Glass Artists is a course that a lot of people were asking for and here it is.

As usual Jodi McRaney Rusho is rocking again.

So many countries attending this course, it makes our work so rewarding.

This course is covering many techniques on how to create molds. To all personalities and budgets. Very creative ideas.

mold making

mold for glass
This one covered on the second day

Nash and Jodi

Warning: some math is in this course

Cement your Creativity with Concrete Jewelry

Cement your Creativity with Concrete Jewelry was a surprise to everyone. Nashlah was so excited to teach this course because she now has an addiction for making concrete jewelry pieces.

People didn’t know how fun it is to make concrete jewelry and how they can combine with other mediums they love.

Nashlah has developed some really cool techniques for concrete pieces that no one else is doing and people just loved those. Some was embroidery in concrete, a technique that gives the illusion of carving and many more.

Over 16 different ways to create concrete jewelry and almost 20 pieces made during the course

cement jewelry

cork and concrete



allconcrete pieces

Stumpwork Jewelry DIY

It looks like Yesterday but it happened last week the course on How to make jewelry using stumpwork embroidery.

Stumpwork is a type of dimensional embroidery. Super fun, easy and fast to make.

diy stumpwork necklace

Several stumpwork pendants were created in class

Stumpwork brooch

Stumpwork started in England a long time ago.
There was a fox brooch and a bunny brooch too

dimensional ladybug

Of course a dimensional ladybug was also part of this course

Stumpwork Roses

and of course, Stumpwork Roses, many, many roses.

This course is meant for beginners but everyone learned something.

Creating Wire Wrapped Hearts

Kathy Hacking is back at Curious Mondo.
This time she is teaching How to Make Wire Wrapped Hearts.
As usual she rocks our audience and they love her playful personality.
Many say that although they watch a lot of tutorials online, no one explain in such a clear and simple way how to do wire wrapping.

Kathy loves what she does and it shows.

These hearts are stunning and were made on the first day of this course.
There is a lot more for tomorrow.
wire wrapped heart

wire wrapping hearts

wire wrapped jewelry making

A BJD Course Like no Other

Wow! Just Wow!. That is what most people said after they watched Noemi Smith give the course  Making a Ball Jointed Doll Character with Paperclay.

During 3 days she went into major detail on how to create a ball jointed doll in a professional way. Everything so if you want to cast your dolls later to sell you would have the best prototype to work with.

The joints were advanced and people were mesmerized by how she makes them. And how she works with paperclay was a Wow moment for most.

course bjd

ball jointed horns

Noemi is coming back next year with a course on how to make molds and cast BJDs

BJD pig 20171115_101831

How to Weave on a Triangle Loom

How fun this class How to Weave on a Triangle Loom has been!

I really thought that weaving on a tri loom was easy and simple but found out there is a lot more options and a lot of things to learn. I thought the plain weave was the only option for this type of loom but I was really wrong on that.

Jenny Ferguson is so cute and so knowledgeable. Not only on triangle loom but all things fiber. She is a major spinner and an Alpaca farmer. We showed some of her Alpacas during the course.

The course on Triangle loom is a must for every fiber enthusiast.

It is getting a little colder out there so it is the perfect time to learn triangle loom weaving and start making awesome shawls. By the way there are many more things that can be created on the tri loom. Think that 2 triangles make a square and then the World is an oister.

Class on triangle loom weaving

tri-loom shawl

blocks on triangle loom

triangle loom tutorial weave shawl on triangle loom

Her husband makes triangle looms and we have two sizes to offer. 18″ and 3 feet. They are made of oak wood which is really strong. Click here to get your triangle loom


Mixed Media Watercolor Animals Course

We started today the Mixed Media Watercolor Course with Kenzie Galbraith. She makes gorgeous animals that look amazing on a wall and even on a tattoo.

Plus she uses all kinds of cool pencils, gouache and watercolor.

This first day she is teaching people how to draw the animals. She started with the grid system and some other two options of drawing the animals in an easy way


Jake, our director working as the host today.



watercolour bear

watercolour animal

Mixed Media Watercolor Animals

Bangle Bracelet Wire Weaving

We are having a blast with Bangle Bracelet Wire Weaving course. Artist Kathy Hacking is really fun to watch and her explanations are so clear. We also loved the booklet she prepared for this class. So many pictures and details!

Here is just a sneak peak on the pieces she is making.

wire wrapping

wire jewelry

wire wrapping bracelet

wire and beads

All this and more plus she still has one more day of Bracelet Wire Weaving online course

Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom

Talk about a huge success! Deanna Baugh rocked the house. Thousands of people from all around the World came to see  Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom live online course.

No questions were left unanswered and she showed how to weave a beautiful scarf on the rigid heddle loom.

She showed a nice selection of options to weave on the rigid heddle loom. She loves to make dish towels and a lot of our audience does too. That never crossed my mind.

Weave dish towel

Rigid heddle towel


The beautiful scarf Deanna created in the rigid heddle loom online course

weaved towel

Rigid Heddle table runner

rigid loom course IMG_20170818_085413_417

This was a very fun 3 day course that you can get on-demand at Curious Mondo. Rigid Heddle Loom Course