Polymer Clay Gradient (“Skinner Blending”)


Skinner Blending Master Class. Lessons will include how to use blends to make gradient backgrounds, two different types of gradient striping, millefiori canes (including: the basic bulls eye, nautilus jelly roll, a flower and leaf cane), gradient Sutton Slicing and double reverse method for her faux fabric technique. This online course on Skinner Blending with Lisa Pavelka is a must in your collection of art courses online.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Beginning to Advanced Blending Concepts
  • Skinner Blending Basics two colors including tips to get more avoiding
    “wonkiness” in order to get more blend for your buck,
  • Disappearing color and dealing with machine contaminations
  • Multiple color blends – using three or more

Class 02:

  • Adjusting blend tone with the addition of white or black.
  • Using clay shavings and other inclusions.
  • Adjusting for intense contrast blends

Class 03:

  • Specific structure blends vs. informal blends.
  • Striated blends
  • Basic Skinner Blend formations: bull’s eye cane, straight veneer usage, ribbon stacking (including mirror option), expanded use of ribbon stack slices

Class 04:

  • Cool Things To Do With Gradient Blends
  • Leaf Canes: single vein and multiple vein versions

Class 05:

  • Basic Flower Cane
  • Sutton Slice with gradient substrate

Class 06:

  • Double blend Sutton Slice
  • Faux Fabric Technique

Class 07:

  • Gradient Striping and “The Wave” bracelet
  • Creating an intersected stripe stack

Class 08:

  • Creating a divided ribbon blend stripe stack

Class 09:

  • Making a Wave Bracelet


  • Simple Basket Weave Cane
  • Simple Gradient Checkerboard cane
  • Easy Rose Cane

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Polymer Clay Gradient

Time table:
9 hours

Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Polymer clay artists. clay artists, jewelry makers

Main objective:
Learn how to incorporate the use of gradient to increase the interest of your clay work.



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