Fast Track: Stone on Stone Settings


Join me in this fast track class to learn how to set a stone on a stone in a setting! This looks complicated but is surprisingly easy to learn. I will show you how to drill holes in stones, how to create a setting for the top stone, how to slip it into the bottom stone and set it and finish by setting the bottom stone. Hope to see you all there!!


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What You Will Learn

Are you interested in creating beautiful, unique jewelry pieces that incorporate natural stones? Our Fast-Track: Stone on Stone Settings course will teach you how to create stunning jewelry pieces that showcase the natural beauty of stones.

In this exhilarating course, you’ll:

  • Discover the unique properties of creating stone settings using wire wrapping and stone-on-stone
  • Explore various techniques for creating different stone settings
  • Master the art of decorating and finishing options for stone settings
  • Gain inspiration from the instructor’s personal experiences and artistic journey

Join us today and discover the beauty of stone on stone settings!

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