How to Weave a Basket

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Discover the art of basket weaving with expert Cheryl Dixon. This comprehensive course will guide you through the basics of basket weaving, offering in-depth instructions suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Learn essential techniques, materials selection, and intricate weaving patterns. With lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace on any device, ensuring a flexible and convenient learning experience. Perfect for anyone looking to explore a new craft or refine their weaving skills.

This class is part of Fiber Arts Symposium 2020

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Lifetime Access, Anywhere, Anytime

In-Depth Instructions

Available on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

What You Will Learn

  • Understand Basket Weaving Basics: Learn foundational techniques and essential tools for basket weaving.
  • Weaving Techniques: Explore various weaving patterns and styles.
  • Material Selection: Gain insights into choosing the right materials for different types of baskets.
  • Project Completion: Step-by-step guidance to complete your first basket project.
  • Creative Variations: Discover ways to personalize and decorate your baskets.

This course is ideal for beginners and anyone interested in mastering the art of basket weaving.

Duration: 1hr

This class is part of Fiber Arts Symposium 2020


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