Needle Felted Fairy Doll with a Balloon

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Wool, with its versatility, softness, and vibrant colors, serves as the perfect medium for Petra’s artistic expression. She uses these qualities to create intricate decorative effects, channeling her creativity into each piece to infuse it with unique energy. Her creations reflect the beauty she perceives in the world around her.

Petruškas [pɛtrushkɑːs] are whimsical creatures brought to life by Petra Vengar through the technique of dry-felting.

This class is part of Fiber Arts Symposium 2020

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In this workshop, we will learn to sculpt stunning wool fibers into a fairy doll. We will guide you through using needle felting techniques to construct the fairy doll’s body, create her dress, add intricate details, and style her hair. This class is suitable for individuals aged 10 and above, and no prior needle felting experience is needed.

Duration: 1hr

This class is part of Fiber Arts Symposium 2020



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