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Roxanne Vigos

I started my company Sago in 2008 with the intention of creating beautiful, unique jewelry for people who also felt a deep connection to storytelling, adornment and very individual pieces for everyday wear. Perhaps even people who longed to try on another way of seeing the world, feeling and being in the world. Much of my inspiration has come from my love of dance and global dance cultures and adornment around the world.

In 2014 I added a naturally dyed textile element to my company Sago. I had a call to explore nature on a deeper level, specifically understanding trees. I learned about a technique called eco-print where color and shape from leaves were transferred to cloth and paper. I immediately saw this as a map to communicate with nature in an artistic way and I had to learn more. I was able to study with several masters in the field over the next few years allowing me to explore and Jind my own way in the art while studying with some of the pioneers of the techniques that captivated me. I see each of the things I do as a way to connect people to both their own being and the world outside of our being.

Roxanne Vigos Curious Mondo Instructor

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