Introduction to Indigo Dyeing


This Indigo Dye course will introduce you to the amazing art of Natural Indigo Dyeing. We will learn all about Natural Indigo, what makes it special and some of the History of this historical dye plant. We will learn how to use 2 different dye vats, fabric manipulation and painting on cloth. We will be using primarily cotton fabric for this class. Indigo dyeing is a wonderful activity for the whole family and great for summer gatherings. You won’t want to miss this class!

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What You Will Learn

Class 1:

  • About Roxanne
  • Materials needed and tools
  • Indigo What is it
  • Where is it Found several species of plants, most notable
  • What Cultures historically used and perfected the Art of Indigo Dye
  • Modern Day Indigo
  • The Indigo Vat
  • Different types of Vats

Class 2:

  • Reduction Agent
  • Chemical Vats
  • Mineral Vat
  • Organic Vats
  • Fermentation Vat
  • Urine Vat

Class 3:

  • Preparing the Cloth
  • Scouring
  • Hot Method Scour- Cotton Fibers
  • Quick and easy Method
  • Mixing the Starter or Mother Vat
  • Organic Indigo Vat
  • Iron Vat

Class 4:

  • Mixing the Organic Vat
  • Prepare Fabrics
  • Folding Fabric

Class 5:

  • Accordion Fold Concepts
  • Clamps as Resist method
  • Test Strips

Class 6:

  • Understanding Vat Strength
  • P.H Testing, Vat Maintenance, Disposing
  • Problems Crocking

Class 7:

  • Mineral Vat
  • Prep Vat, test swatch p.h reading
  • Prepare Fabric folds
  • Spiral

Class 8:

  • Concentric Rings
  • Rocks or cork or glass gem in the ties
  • Zig Zag Fold
  • Dip, oxidize, neutralize and wash.

Class 9:

  • Painting with Soy and Indigo
  • Drain Vat
  • Make Soy-milk
  • Making soy milk and filtered Indigo paste
  • Using Stencils

Bonus Class:

  • Indigo Comparison Chart and Vat
  • Materials List

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