Leaf Prints on Cloth

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Learn the Unique Contact print process of transferring the color and shape of natural leaves onto Fabric. We will learn a good foundation in this class starting with fabric preparation. We will scour and mordant the cloth to achieve a variety of results. I will cover several methods on how you can begin to explore this eco-aware practice. We will be digging deep in this workshop on finding and fostering connection to our own landscape and reflecting on the beauty in our own backyard. I will be covering how to test leaves for potential, so no mater where you are in the world you can explore what your homeland has to offer.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Leaf Prints on Cloth

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Fiber artists, dyeing enthusiasts, anyone who loves fibers or want to start a new hobby or career.

Main objective:
Learn the amazing art of the contact print process of transferring the color and shape of natural leaves onto Fabric.


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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • About Roxanne
  • Materials needed and tools
  • Eco Print History
  • Fabric Type-sourcing
  • Scouring
  • quick scour cotton
  • deep scour cotton
  • Silk/Wool Orvus paste
  • quick/deep clean

Class 02:

  • Mordants
  • cold/hot process Alum
  • Alum on silk and wool
  • Alum/soda on Cotton for Leaf Print
  • MAKE: alum mordant
  • Iron Mordant- Pot as Mordant
  • Iron bits in bundles
  • MAKE: Iron Mordant

Class 03:

  • Leaf Collecting
  • golden rules
  • Identification tips
  • storage options
  • Leaf Testing Swatches
  • MAKE: swatches
  • (pre mordanted cloth)
  • Alum Mordant
  • Iron Mordant
  • Note keeping
  • organizing tips

Class 04:

  • T-shirt Dark
  • Basic Formula
  • Basic Bundle 1
  • Iron on cloth
  • Iron in pot
  • Deep dark print.
  • MAKE: t-shirt

Class 05:

  • t-shirt combo mordant
  • Alum and Iron combo
  • Alum mordant
  • Iron Dip
  • Chalk Dip
  • folding options
  • bundle with no barrier
  • MAKE: T-shirt

Class 06:

  • Barrier Options
  • Blocking cloth options-
  • cotton sheeting
  • paper sheet
  • both
  • MAKE: T-shirt with barrier cloth middle
  • Dyestuff in water option

Class 07:

  • Silk Bundle
  • different types of silk, weave
  • Iron Pot as Mordant
  • barrier and no barrier
  • Alum only
  • Iron only
  • Alum and Iron

Class 08:

  • Wool Bundle
  • Wool/Silk Fabric
  • Cautions with wool
  • Felting
  • Iron sensitivity
  • Temperature shock and agitation

Class 09:

  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Show and tell
  • Tree Maps
  • Care of natural dyed textiles
  • washing instruction
  • Ironing tips
  • Common mistakes
  • Projects with fabrics that have less than desirable results.


  • BONUS CLASS: Making Ink walnut
  • Materials List

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