Nature-Inspired Fused Glass Pieces

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What You Will Learn

Class 1:

  • Fire and Water
  • Eternal – A fiery wall art piece

Class 2:

  • From displaying art from wall pieces to stand-alone table pieces

Class 3:

  • Waterfall – A waterfall in a purchased stand

Class 4:

  • Earth and Water
  • Trees By the River – a free-standing line of trees by a flowing river with a handmade glass stand

Class 5:

  • Firing schedules and the basics of Slump, Tack Fuse, Contour Fuse, and Full Fuse

Class 6:

  • Creating a different full color version of a tree by a river

Class 7:

  • Air and Earth Feathers – Two feathery wall art pieces

Class 8:

  • Stand Offs and hanging glass wall art

Class 9:

  • Flowers – one or two separate flower projects depending on time


  • Materials list

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