Fancy Fused Glass Jewelry Course


Time to kick that jewelry game into overdrive! This fusing glass class builds on the Basic fused Glass Jewelry Course and takes everything to a new level. Join us for a bundle of shiny, glamorous and gorgeous jewelry projects! This fused glassclass will feature projects using fused recycled glass AND fusible art glass for different takes and aesthetics on the same idea.


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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Pendants
  • Fused Pendants
  • with frit
  • with paint
  • with mica inclusions
  • with dichro slide inclusions
  • Textured glass pendants
  • Frit Balls
  • Fused Glass Head Pins

Class 02:

  • Fancy Findings
  • making finding templates
  • cutting, grinding and fire polishing glass
  • Fine silver bezels
  • Two-sided bezels
  • Rings

Class 03:

  • Kiln Formed Beads
  • Making Better Lentil Beads
  • types of glass
  • making, sorting and washing frit
  • preparing and filling molds
  • variations on a theme
  • square beads
  • plaid beads
  • faux drusy beads
  • Triangle Beads

Class 04:

  • Incorporating Kiln formed Beads
  • with leather
  • with bead caps
  • stud earrings
  • flower earrings
  • textured glass earrings
  • Pendants with beads

Class 05:

  • Bracelets
  • Wire Cage Bracelets
  • Leather Cuff Bracelets
  • Glue on Cab Bracelets
  • Memory Wire bracelets

Class 06:

  • Micro Slumping molds
  • Hole Saws
  • Safe cutting, grinding and prepping
  • Slumping
  • Projects: Jellyfish Necklace, Wisteria pin, flower earrings

Class 07:

  • Tiaras and Hair Jewelry
  • Tiaras for the win
  • Mermaid seaglass
  • textured metallic glass
  • fusible art glass
  • Hair pins
  • Hair bands, coordinating and otherwise

Class 08:

  • Glass Scarves
  • Fusible Art Glass
  • Planning, cutting, assembling, fusing, completing
  • Stained Glass Scrap
  • Planning, cutting, finishing, drilling, assembling
  • Fused Float Glass
  • Planning, painting, cutting, finishing, assembling

Class 09:

  • Pricing!
  • Tracking firing costs
  • Tracking materials costs
  • Tracking Time
  • Calculating retail prices. Wholesale vs. Consignment


  • Other Beautiful Things
  • Shoe Clips
  • Compacts
  • Brooches and Pins
  • Statement Necklaces


  • Firing Schedules
  • Materials List and Sources
  • Worksheets: Firing Costs, Component Costs, Time Tracking, Retail Cost Calculation

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Fancy Glass Jewelry

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass artists, anyone who loves glass or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn to make all sorts of fancy glass jewelry.


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