Intermediate Metal Clay Jewelry


In this Metal Clay Jewelry course, you will learn about bead making with metal clay, setting stones, and incorporating glass. We’ll cover topics such as: Beads with burn out materials, Hollow Form Beads, Lentil Beads, Different stone setting methods, Glass Inclusions, Incorporating glass with Metal Clay, Firing your glass in place with the Metal Clay, and much, much more! This course is designed to introduce you to that amazing world of precious metal clay. We will cover the basics and beyond!

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What You Will Learn

You’ll learn the tools you’ll need, different types of metal clays, kiln and torch firing. How to texture, stamp, mold and shape that metal clay the way you want. You will also learn how to layer the metal clay and create dimensional pieces. Caring and storing your clay. How to re-hydrate your clay when it dries out and much, much more! We will create earrings, charms and pendants.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Jewelry

Time table:
9 hours

Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Jewelry makers, people interested in precious metal clay

Main objective:
Enhance your jewelry-making skills using metal clay


Class 1:

  • Beads
  • Beads using burn-out materials

Class 2:

  • Lentil Beads
  • Bead Forms and Hollow Forms

Class 3:

  • Using Paper Clay
  • Proper ways to fire Beads and how to support them

Class 4:

  • Alternative settings in metal clay
  • How to calculate shrinkage of metal clay
  • Copying/Sizing your stone

Class 5:

  • Making a replica of your stone
  • Making Wire settings

Class 6:

  • Making a Bezel setting
  • Using pre-made Bezels

Class 7:

  • Firing glass with metal clay

Class 8:

  • Scrap Glass and metal clay

Class 9:

  • Sgraffito on glass

Bonus Class:

  • Open Lentil Bead

Bonus Items:

  • Alternative Stone Setting Handout
  • Glass Temperature Chart
  • Downloadable Work Surface
  • Materials List

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