Como Fazer  Joias De Flores Em Mini Macramê (How to Make Mini Macramé Flower Jewelry)


Curso em Portugues!
Aprenda o passo a passo das orquídeas, a montagem do colar e três nós diferentes!

Voce faz e vende um colar e ja recupera seu investimento

Você aprenderá passo a passo como fazer orquídeas com mini macramê em um processo que mistura cores e texturas. Incluímos pedras e pontos especiais em um colar super moderno para deixar seu projeto ainda mais enriquecido artisticamente. Esta peça pode ser usada como bijuteria ou configurada para ser uma peça decorativa para um espaço. Entre no mundo do Mini Macramê com a gente!


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What You Will Learn

“Floral Finesse: Craft Mini Macramé Flower Jewelry with Laura Bastos – A Multilingual Experience”

Embrace the elegance and beauty of nature with our delightful course, “How to Make Mini Macramé Flower Jewelry,” led by the talented Laura Bastos. This enchanting class, presented in Portuguese and featuring captions in 7 different languages, invites you to delve into the world of macramé, guiding you through the process of creating exquisite flower-inspired jewelry pieces.

Under the guidance of Laura Bastos, you’ll learn the intricate art of macramé, transforming simple knots into stunning wearable works of art. Your creations will bloom with grace as you master the art of crafting delicate, intricate macramé flowers that capture the essence of nature’s enchantment.

In this captivating course, you’ll:

Discover the tools and materials needed for macramé flower jewelry
Learn the fundamentals of macramé knotting techniques
Explore various methods for creating intricate, delicate flower designs
Master the art of incorporating beads and other accents into your creations
Gain inspiration from Laura’s personal experiences and artistic journey

Whether you’re an aspiring jewelry designer or simply a lover of nature’s beauty, this course will ignite your creativity and unlock the transformative power of macramé.

Learn the step by step of orchids, the assembly of the necklace and three different knots!

You will learn step by step how to make orchids with macrame in a process that mixes colors and textures. We include stones and special stitches in a super modern necklace to make your project even more artistically enriched. This piece can be used as jewelry or set up to be a decorative piece for a space. Enter the Macrame world with us!

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