How to Sculpt an Owl from Scratch Using a Textile Hardener


Sculpt an Owl from scratch using a textile hardener and pressed bark fibres! Easy step-by-step instructions using easy to access supplies like foil, masking tape, cardboard and some paints. This Owl can be in your outdoor living area year-round!


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What You Will Learn

Learn how to create a charming and lifelike owl sculpture from scratch in this fascinating course. Using a textile hardener and some basic materials, you’ll discover the secrets to sculpting feathers, eyes, and other intricate details that bring your owl to life.

In this exhilarating course, you’ll:

  • Introduction to sculpture and materials needed for the project, including a textile hardener and wire
  • Techniques for creating a basic wire armature for your owl sculpture
  • How to use the textile hardener to create a sturdy base for your sculpture
  • Adding details and texture to your owl sculpture using additional layers of textile hardener
  • Painting and finishing techniques for your owl sculpture

So join us and let’s get sculpting!

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