Sculpting and Costuming an Anthropomorphic Character Bunny


In this fun, dynamic, and super in-depth sculpting course Karen Baker will take you through the entire process of sculpting a character animal doll.

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In-Depth Instructions

Available on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

What You Will Learn

Class 1:

  • About Karen
  • Materials needed and tools
  • Animal x Human Anatomy

Class 2:

  • Sculpting the head
  • Armature

Class 3:

  • Painting the head

Class 4:

  • Armature for the body

Class 5:

  • Hands

Class 6:

  • Feet

Class 7:

  • Painting Head & Feet

Class 8:

  • Putting the doll together

Class 9:

  • Finishing touches

Classes 10-12:

  • Costuming


  • Bonus class: making the eyes
  • Bonus item: patterns

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