How to Make a Cold Porcelain Baby Bear


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

In this class Leticia will show us how to make a baby bear out of cold porcelain! She will walk us through the steps start to finish including how to make the cold porcelain, dyeing, how to preserve, and what tools are used for this type of work.

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Course in Spanish with Captions

Basic techniques such as lining the Styrofoam spheres, lining the base, giving texture to the porcelain will be covered as well. She will show us all of the work to be done to create this adorable baby bear using specific techniques and applications. Come join us as we explore this fun medium!

“Tender Moments: Crafting a Cold Porcelain Baby Bear with Leticia Suarez”

Embrace the warmth and innocence of childhood with our charming course, “How to Make a Cold Porcelain Baby Bear,” led by the talented Leticia Suarez. This heartwarming class invites you to explore the delicate art of cold porcelain, guiding you through the process of creating an adorable baby bear sculpture that captures the essence of youthful wonder.

Leticia Suarez, a skilled artist with a passion for capturing life’s tender moments, will expertly lead you through each step of the creative journey. This course is uniquely presented in Spanish, with captions available in 7 different languages, offering a truly inclusive and multicultural experience.

In this enchanting course, you’ll:

Discover the versatile and delicate medium of cold porcelain
Learn the basics of sculpting and shaping cold porcelain
Create a captivating baby bear, capturing its innocence and charm
Master techniques for adding texture and lifelike details to your sculpture
Explore various methods for painting and finishing your baby bear
Connect with a diverse and supportive artistic community
Celebrate the wonder of childhood and the beauty of cold porcelain with Leticia Suarez’s delightful baby bear course. Enroll today

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