How to Make a Needle Felted Newborn Kitty

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Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

In this course, we will learn together how to make a realistic newborn kitty! I will get you through the entire process. Jump from beginner to master learning from me all the tips and tricks!

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What You Will Learn

Yes, we all know it, yes we all acknowledge it: kitties are the icon of cuteness and delightfulness. You can’t watch a small kitty play around without the urge to hold it and snuggle it. This is why I started needle felting cats in all forms and positions, while adoring to needle felt newborn kitties. We all started with this craft somewhere, and we all know it’s NOT easy to recreate the face of cats. Failure after failure, try after try, analyzing hundreds of pictures of cats, from all angles, spending hundreds of hours stabbing pieces of wool until it got better and better and the reward didn’t delay to come: finally being able to get as realistic as possible!

Class 01:

  • creating the head, building dimension into the face

Class 02:

  • knowing where to place the eyes

Class 03:

  • how to make the nose

Class 04:

  • building up the cheeks

Class 05:

  • making and attaching ears

Class 06:

  • building up the body, what to pay attention to

Class 07:

  • creating legs

Class 08:

  • creating paws and claws

Class 09:

  • attaching limbs to the body
  • creating and attaching the tail
  • creating details in the fur and finishing up the kitty


How to make the kitty tongue.

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