How to Easily Decorate Garments with Yo-Yo Flowers


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

Crafts for me are a recreational activity, an opportunity to keep myself busy, it contributes to my mental, physical and emotional health. It helps me to prevent serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, stress and depression, in addition to providing me with pleasure, joy and good mood. With all these benefits, art in general and crafts helped me to contribute to the family income, especially in this period of pandemic in which we are living, I had the privilege and blessing of being able to make use of these professional resources, in the art of crafts. in general, as in cooking, cutting and sewing, various types of painting and everything that involves manual work. As a mother, I had the privilege of dedicating myself entirely to the upbringing and education of our three children. Yes, I stayed at home, and in the free time I had, I worked in handicrafts, so I was able to help my husband in the basic maintenance of our family: food, clothing and education. Everything I do is with love, responsibility, affection and dedication, always looking out for the quality of a good product, that’s what I’m going to show each of you who watch me in this class.

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I want to share with you some of the financial benefits that handicrafts can provide us: The handicrafts that I have always liked to make, came to represent around 30% of our income and even today I continue to generate income.

I tell you that craftsmanship is life, time and money. In handicrafts, I can sell and even produce gifts for my family and friends. Take advantage of your talents and use them to your advantage, for those you love and for those you can help.

I’m producing this class, with the aim of bringing you knowledge, information and tips on technical resources in the art of crafts, in the patch applique style (which means patch appliqué). This craft technique is made using the scraps of fabric you have at home, you can use this same technique to produce the art in any piece that you can sew and/or using fabric glue.

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