Fast Track: How to Weave a Mandala Basket


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

Are there tricks for fusing with tiny bottles? Join us and find out, we’ll be focussing on fusing baby food bottles and smaller in this fast track class. We’ll talk about different firing schedules to achieve different effects, the inclusions and techniques that work well for tiny bottles, and then do several projects together using small bottles.

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What You Will Learn

Have a fun and creative way to add a touch of bohemian style to your home decor with our Fast Track Course: How to Weave a Mandala Basket! In this course, you’ll learn the techniques and skills needed to weave a stunning and intricate basket using natural materials.

In this exhilarating course, you’ll:

  • Introduction to basket weaving
  • Preparing materials
  • Weaving techniques
  • Adding spokes
  • Creating the mandala design
  • Finishing the basket

Enroll now and start weaving your way to a more stylish space!

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