Dutch Oven Cooking and Roughing it Easy

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Dian Thomas’s unique and creative outdoor ideas are synonymous with fun! Dian shows you how to creatively meet the challenges of inventive, flavorful meals in the great out-of-doors or in your backyard. From high-energy breakfast to delicious desserts and everything in between, these are some of the best outdoors and backyard ideas. You’ll learn how to pack for and prepare mouth-watering, crowd-pleasing, easy-to-fix meals using portable gas stoves, aluminum foil, barbecue grills and Dutch ovens. Just imagine making your ice cream in two tin cans, boiling water in a paper cup or cooking your meal in a backpack while you hike along the trail. Don’t miss this one of a kind unique experience of watching this celebrity do her magic outdoors.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Why Cook in Dutch Oven
  • Cooking Pistol Rock Chicken
  • What can you cook in Dutch Oven
  • Different Sizes of Dutch Ovens
  • Different Types of Dutch Ovens
  • Seasoning Dutch Ovens
  • Dutch Oven Tips
  • Care of the Dutch Oven
  • Show Dutch Oven Kit

Class 02:

  • Baking a Pineapple Upside Cake
  • Cooking Sloppy Joes
  • Starting Fire with Steel Wool and Battery
  • How to water Proof matches
  • Making Egg Carton Fire Starter
  • Types of Fires and how to build fire
  • Light Matchlight Chimney starter Pyramid with lighter fluid
  • Charcoals explained
  • How to put out charcoal

Class 03:

  • Backyard Grills
  • Cooking Meat Loaf in Onion Foil
  • Making desert! Banana Boat
  • Cooking in Orange
  • Foil Dinner
  • Getting Ready to go Camping Demos

Class 04:

  • Cooking Egg Sandwich
  • Making Damper; Foil, Tuna can
  • Tin Can Stove Cooking
  • Making Buddy Burner
  • How to make tin can stove
  • Cooking Hamburger

Class 05:

  • Smores
  • Stick Cooking
  • Make Dump Cake
  • Backyard Wagon / Wheel Barrel
  • Apple on stick

Class 06:

  • Iron Sandwich
  • Cardboard Box Oven
  • Make Ice Cream in Tin Can
  • Novelty Cooking
  • Outdoor Survival Kit

Bonus Items!

  • Collection of Recipes

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Time table:
6 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Outdoor enthusiasts

Main objective:
Learn how to cook with dutch ovens and secrets to roughing it easy



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