Art Jewelry Symposium 2021


Art Jewelry Symposium is a yearly online event bringing jewelry artists together to show you the latest techniques in the industry.

Our goal:

• To inspire people on all things art and jewelries.
• To educate people on different techniques and new trends
• To discuss the industry, products, and changes

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What You Will Learn

Take your art jewelry skills to the next level! Showcasing workshops & demos from 20+ of the world’s best glass artists.

  • Jenny Roemmich
    Head Turning Polymer and Bauble Pendant
  • Jacqueline Patrick
    Upcycled Vintage Necklaces “The Watcher”
  • Pascale Bigot
    Wire Frog Necklace
  • Jessica Mase
    Monster Venus Flytrap Earrings
  • Sue Hetrick
    “CastAways” Pewter Casting Class
  • Marianne Donohoe
    Delphinium Blue Pendant
  • Jackie Kaufman
    “Mixing It Up With Resin” Collage Jewelry
  • Apples (Paula Epperly)
    Colorful and Complete Matching Jewelry Set
  • April Wengren
    Introduction to Watercolor Enameling
  • Mervat Radwan
    Polymer Clay Crackle
  • Sarah Tanenbaum-Adams
    Woven Paper Bead Bracelet
  • Nadja Shields
    ‘Galadriels’s amulet’
  • Pam Miller
    Learn & Love Caning for Polymer Clay Jewelry!
  • Stephanie Eddy
    Viking Knit – It’s Sew Easy
  • Jodi McRaney-Rusho
    DIY Upcycled Wood Bangles and Rings with Glass Inlay
  • Wizz Stearne
    Seahorse Surprise in Silver Clay
  • Suzanne Cherry
    Beaded Rainbow Tree Pendant
  • Icha Cantero
    Polymer Clay Botanical Jewelry
  • Karen Jones
    How to Crochet a Statement Necklace
  • Marlene Gremillion
    Designing Confetti Earrings in Polymer Clay
  • Jan Harris Smith
  • Annie Dotzauer
    Wire Wrapping You Can Do!
  • Vicky Chatzistylianou
    Beaded Tie Necklace
  • Kleio Tsaliki
    Shibori Jewelry Polymer Clay Project
  • Dawn Gaye
    Bohemian Earrings
  • Cheryl Farrens
    Creating Lovely Wearable Art Jewelry from Air Dry Paper Clay
  • Cheryl Peterson
    Make Jewelry Using Stained Glass Methods
  • Esther Ramiro
    Polymer clay earrings and hooks
  • Jennifer Smith
    Wireworked Mermaid Flower Pendants
  • Starr Payne
    Water’s Edge Pendant – A Metal Clay Design
  • Nikolas Kienitz
    Wire Woven Earrings
  • Susan Magner
    Get Wired with Crazy Grannie
  • Christina Lee
    Bead Rope Crochet
  • Dimitra Kalinderis
    Forgotten Tales Jewelry Set
  • Kat Huddleston
    Create Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry in the Most Organic Way
  • Tremaine Fenton
    Abby Bracelet
  • Eva Sherman
    Embellished “O” Ring
  • Bobbie Marquette
    Howl at the Moon
  • Dawn Gaye
    The Pirates’ Treasure
  • Patsy Monk
    Intermittent Bead Crochet
  • Baraa Abdelhafez
    Porcelain Jewelry
  • Helen Terlalis Dorn
    Whimsical Holiday Pins and Things
  • Marianne Donohoe
    Tulips of Gold

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