Cement Your Creativity with Concrete Jewelry

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In this online course we’re going to cover ways to make jewelry with concrete! We’ll cover how to incorporate recycled materials such as glass, how to re-purpose your cooking molds to create jewelry, how to color your concrete, inclusions, concrete embroidery, and more! Concrete is a wonderful, hard, neutral, unprecious material with a real presence. Your new creations are bound to make a statement!


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What You Will Learn

Time table:
6 hours +

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced – Easy to understand no matter your level. We guarantee!

Target market:
Artists interested in making jewelry with cement/concrete

Main objective:
Learn how to make concrete jewelry.


Class 01:

  • About the instructor
  • Showcase of possibilities
  • About concrete as an art medium
  • Different kinds of molds

Class 02:

  • Unconventional bases
  • Using recycled bottle bottoms and bottle caps
  • Colored concrete
  • Ideas for inclusions
  • Using packaging as molds
  • Textures and Carving

Class 03:

  • Embedding concrete within concrete
  • Variations and ideas
  • Finishing and assembling a necklace

Class 04:

  • Working with open frames
  • Painting without mixing

Class 05:

  • Concrete and Resin: organics and inclusions you never thought of
  • Resin inside concrete
  • Creating holes

Class 06:

  • Concrete Embroidery – Basic embroidery
  • Concrete Embroidery Stumpwork Rose


  • Class 07: Creating your own molds so you can cast anything you want into cement
  • Class 08: How to use flat-ish items as your base for the concrete

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