“Okay. So I’m gonna give you some, intense instruction here for this, this tall. So right now the thickness of this ear is more than what I want it to be. So I’m just letting you know, it’s gonna end up being about half of what it is right now, but that comes later. I’m finding, I like to cut that off at a later stage in the game here. So right now what I’m doing is here is the jaw line and it’s going to kind of go up through here. Okay. So we kind of just see that that’s, what’s happening there with a baby that makes sure we push it back far enough. And now the ear actually tips back at about a 15%, 15 degree angle. And so that’s why you have it rather than sitting straight this way, kind of tips, tips a little bit back and next. What I’m going to do is first, I want to attach the clay on the back here.”

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