How to Properly Secure a Dragonfly Notebook Cover with Andrea Corpodean

“So I’m just gonna do this all around the notebook. Now be careful. You have to make sure that the glue gets to the braid part too, but also be careful because between the cover and the braidy, the border, there’s some tiny space where the glue can get out. Just think about how much glue you put anywhere. And now I’m going to take it and place it, make sure you place it the right way. Now, if you use super glue, wherever you put it at first, that’s where it stays. So you won’t be able to move it an inch. So now I’m just going to apply pressure. And I see I have a bump here, so I’m going to insist on this part here and apply some more pressure. Don’t be afraid to push on it. This has to happen to make sure that your cover stays.”

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Creating the Body for Animal Pendants in Polymer Clay with Melissa Terlizzi

“So for the texture on the body, I’m going to use this because I think this just, hasn’t neat, spotted kind of stripey look to it and you can use either side. One, one is more subtle. One is, a little bit more defined and I’m going to use the defined side. Remember this is the shelf lining that you buy at the supermarket. Or you can buy it at your curious Mondo. So I’m just going to roll over that and then you can see it leaves a nice pattern and then decide how you want to cut this out.”

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Blending Colors for a Polymer Clay Frog in Pond with Melissa Terlizzi

“I’d like to go ahead and make a dried leaf that we will drape over the edge of the pond. So to do that, I’m just going to mix up some random colors. I’ve got a crew here. This is sort of a gray scrap looks like it’s got some purple in it. We’ll use a little bit of the cianna. And how about maybe a little bit of orange, basically. It’s not going to be a real, pretty color and that’s okay. I just want it to have that kind of doll, you know, after a leaf has sat on the ground for awhile, it sort gray, grayish brown. So we’ll see what this comes out to be.”

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Applying the Hair for a Baby Angel Fairy with Apryl Jensen

So then how I did these little ponytails is I actually found, I look through my strands of hair really carefully, and I pick out specifically the ones I want to use. So remember, that’s something you can do when you’re, you’re choosing your hair, be specific about the parts that you use. There’s plenty of hair to choose from. Might as well. Just use the pieces that just look great. If it’s got a special curl or whatever, but on these, I just bent it like this. So that’s the little ponytail that she’s got there.

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Sculpting the Feet for a Baby Angel Fairy with Apryl Jensen

“What I’m going to do is kind of cut in or the toes will be kind of just like that. Then I’m kind of pushing in on this side a little bit more so we can kind of give it its endemic shape there and then move it towards the heel. Have to pick it up. I just kind of bring that all back to the heel there. See, from the side, that’s looking pretty cute. A little bit on the tiny side now. So I’ll just push that up a little bit more. I kind of stretch it out a little bit again, too.”

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Hanging by a Wire! Animal Pendants in Polymer Clay with Melissa Terlizzi

This is a fun and educational Polymer Clay online course. Learn how to blend the clay and shape each animal and how to add texture and attach all the features. You’ll learn tips on ways to help strengthen the pendants, and ensure they hang properly. We’ll also discuss paint options and other embellishments.

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Sculpting the Nose for a Polymer Clay Witch

This is a 4-day online sculpting class on sculpting a polymer clay witch! In this art course, we will go through the entire creation of a witch.
Head, Hands, Shoes, Costume. The final sculpt is 12″ tall.

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Detailing the Shoes for a Polymer Clay Witch

Another fabulous technique with Karen Baker. Watch how
she puts details on a polymer clay witch’s shoe.

Painting Wrinkles for a Polymer Clay Witch

Watch Karen Baker as she shows us how to paint
wrinkles on a polymer clay witch. You’ll be amazed how
she made it look so natural.

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Sizing the Hands for a Polymer Clay Witch

Another amazing tutorial from Karen Baker. The video shows detailed techniques on how to properly size the hands of the polymer clay witch.

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