Hanging by a Wire! Animal Pendants in Polymer Clay with Melissa Terlizzi

This is a fun and educational Polymer Clay online course. Learn how to blend the clay and shape each animal and how to add texture and attach all the features. You’ll learn tips on ways to help strengthen the pendants, and ensure they hang properly. We’ll also discuss paint options and other embellishments.

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Sculpting the Nose for a Polymer Clay Witch

This is a 4-day online sculpting class on sculpting a polymer clay witch! In this art course, we will go through the entire creation of a witch.
Head, Hands, Shoes, Costume. The final sculpt is 12″ tall.

Learn more about the course here –

Detailing the Shoes for a Polymer Clay Witch

Another fabulous technique with Karen Baker. Watch how
she puts details on a polymer clay witch’s shoe. https://www.curiousmondo.com/sculpting-witches-course

Painting Wrinkles for a Polymer Clay Witch

Watch Karen Baker as she shows us how to paint
wrinkles on a polymer clay witch. You’ll be amazed how
she made it look so natural.

Learn more about the course here:https://www.curiousmondo.com/sculpting-witches-course

Sizing the Hands for a Polymer Clay Witch

Another amazing tutorial from Karen Baker. The video shows detailed techniques on how to properly size the hands of the polymer clay witch.

Watch the full course here https://www.curiousmondo.com/sculpting-witches-course