“So the first thing I want to do is correct this angle. So I’m going to pull out a little bit of the red to start with, and I’m going to get up on the tip of my brush so that I can get a fine line. And I’m using my floppy brush. That’s the official term for it. It is a floppy brush and I’m just going to bring that down to a point. And remember, I like to mix my colors on the page. So I’m going to neutralize that with the blue. Hopefully at the end, no one, but us will know. And a mistake in the beginning, unless you look really close, it is it’s apparent. So it’s going to show that line because what a color is a transparent medium, which is both, it’s most a desirable trait and it’s most frustrating trait all at once. I’m just going to correct that angle to my satisfaction. And then I’m going to caress that out. I really want a good clean edge. So that’s an important feature.”

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