“This is your first date with your painting? Basically I considered, if you think of the painting and you as a marriage between artist and, product, if you skip the first date, which is the drawing and the second date, which is the value study and go straight to the painting, chances are you’re, we’re going to get into a marriage where you get kind of lost and you have to figure things out when that water split much harder to do. You can make a whole bunch of decisions and understand your subject much better if you actually draw instead of trace. So there’s me off my bully pulpit plus. Okay. You just have more legitimacy as artists. If you see the drawing stage, you’re going to, be able to translate that to the brush just as well as you can to the pencil. So don’t skip this state. That’s my advice. Draw every day, get good at it and observe. This is, the first date of any piece of art.”

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