“The same nose made of polymer clay would be heavier. Not a lot heavier because it’s, it’s such a small piece. Now I’ve stuck this on. I want you to notice anatomically what I have done here. The laugh lines on a person’s face, radiates out from the corner, the top of the nostrils. I see some people when they do dismiss a technique as they put the nose on top of these lines. All the laugh lines, all the demarcation of the cheeks goes underneath, but it should radiate from these corners down. So if we look at the photograph of George’s face, and this is true on, all people, the laugh lines radiate from the top of the nostril outward. So to get your anatomy, right, and yes, we are doing puppetry cartoony kind of things, but you have to be sort of remain true to certain anatomical, features that feature.”

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