“I think the eyes are always going to be the most important of any little animal that you make. But all these extra little details and ridges, and that’s what really makes them special. So just doing as many spots as I can. And then when you get, you run out of clay or you get sick of doing this, you can stop and put them on and see how they look. So I think I’ll do that. We’ll stop right here and just carefully remove your plastic wrap. Some of the spots will, will come out on the foil. So you should just generally start with those. So now I keep saying foil it’s plastic wrap. So let me move those aside for a second. Okay. We’re running out of room here. Saw me, I’m doing here. Okay. So just take your spots and start putting them on to the frog’s back. And I generally start with the larger ones and don’t pay any attention to the colors. I just randomly put them on.”

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