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How to Make a Wire Work Beetle Pendant

How to Make a Wire Work Beetle Pendant

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What you will learn:


Day 01: We will start by building the back mount and some of the additional frame pieces to begin assembling the entire frame.

Class 1:

  • Making the pad that rest behind the stone

Class 2:

  • Shaping the wings and head and joining to the back pad

Class 3:

  • Shaping more pieces that will join the head and creating the bottom half of the stone cage.

Day 02: We will continue to work on the frame and secure our stone in place.

Class 4:

  • Finishing the bottom half of the cage and started to add beads to the head and start the top half of the stone cage.

Class 5:

  • Working on the top half of the cage and shaping more head pieces/ antenna

Class 6:

  • Adding in more bead embellishments in the head and starting the bail

Day 03: We will be finishing off the pendant with embellishing details like the beaded wings and beaded head details. Along with the bail and making sure all the wire ends are taken care of.

Class 7:

  • Filling in the wings with seed beads

Class 8:

  • Finishing the beaded wings and making a bead linked chain

Class 9:

  • Creating a clasp to finish off the chain


  • In the bonus class I will be showing you how to execute the herringbone weave with round beads. This setting is great for adding more interest to bead link chains, making earrings, bracelet components and anything else your imagination can come up with.  
How to Make a Wire Work Beetle Pendant
How to Make a Wire Work Beetle Pendant

About the course

Come make a fabulous bug pendant with us! In this course Nik is going to show how to construct a caged wire wrapped cabochon setting in the shape of a winged beetle.

We will cover:

  • how to shape and build the wire frame
  • how to secure the stone in place
  • how to do the bead embellishments and so much more!

This project will give you a basic understanding of how to build this particular type of setting and from there you will be able to build many other styles, with a little imagination!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Wire Work Beetle Pendant

Time table:
6 hours

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Jewelry Artists, resin artists, metalsmiths

Main objective:
Learn how to create beautiful wire beetles.


Nikolas Kienitz Curious Mondo Instructor

About the instructor

Nikolas Kienitz

I was born in Germany but raised in the mountains of Utah for the majority of my life. With this background I loved to learn about and explore different cultures and traditions. A lot of my inspiration comes from learning about these places, and that pushes me to be a better artist.

Growing up so close to nature was a great experience that helped form my art style today. I've always loved nature and my life has always been heavily intertwined with it. It's been a goal of mine to always try to recreate the beauty of the natural world.

I have always done some form of art, as far back as i can remember. It started at a very young age with drawing and painting, then moved into fashion and design, and currently, my true love, jewelry.

Jewelry making had always been a side hobby for me, something I did just for myself. As I was going through my sewing phase, I started to realize how much more I enjoyed the process of making the accessories for the outfit than the outfit itself. Because of this I decided to prefect my skills with years in metalsmithing and jewelry classes and hope to share my knowledge with you.

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