Polymer Clay Gradient ("Skinner Blending")

with Lisa Pavelka

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • Beginning to Advanced Blending Concepts
  • Skinner Blending Basics two colors including tips to get more avoiding
    “wonkiness” in order to get more blend for your buck,
  • Disappearing color and dealing with machine contaminations
  • Multiple color blends – using three or more

Class 2:

  • Adjusting blend tone with the addition of white or black.
  • Using clay shavings and other inclusions.
  • Adjusting for intense contrast blends

Class 3:

  • Specific structure blends vs. informal blends.
  • Striated blends
  • Basic Skinner Blend formations: bull’s eye cane, straight veneer usage, ribbon stacking (including mirror option), expanded use of ribbon stack slices

Class 4:

  • Cool Things To Do With Gradient Blends
  • Leaf Canes: single vein and multiple vein versions

Class 5:

  • Basic Flower Cane
  • Sutton Slice with gradient substrate

Class 6:

  • Double blend Sutton Slice
  • Faux Fabric Technique

Class 7:

  • Gradient Striping and “The Wave” bracelet

  • Creating an intersected stripe stack

Class 8:

  • Creating a divided ribbon blend stripe stack

Class 9:

  • Making a Wave Bracelet


  • Simple Basket Weave Cane
  • Simple Gradient Checkerboard cane
  • Easy Rose Cane

What students say

Nanmade: Another terrific class today with Lisa. Love her style and sense of humour. I feel like I just spent the afternoon in her studio!So much fun! Thanks for offering these courses.

Karla Chávez: Thank you so much Lisa❣ Absolutely an amazing teacher with a very contagious passion. Love from the Netherlands.

Jane Meier Blowes: Great class!Very easy to understand.

BriSo many tips and wow moments in this class!!! Thank you Lisa and Curious Mondo crew!!

Robin Wilen: Taking the Polymer Clay Gradient class with Lisa Pavelka. She is a fabulous instructor and really explains tips and techniques. Quality of class is excellent. Thank you Curious Mondo and Lisa.


About the Skinner Blending Master Class with Lisa Pavelka

Skinner Blending Master Class. Lessons will include how to use blends to make gradient backgrounds, two different types of gradient striping, millefiori canes (including: the basic bulls eye, nautilus jelly roll, a flower and leaf cane), gradient Sutton Slicing and double reverse method for her faux fabric technique. This online course on Skinner Blending with Lisa Pavelka is a must in your collection of art courses online

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Polymer Clay Gradient

Time table:
9 hours

Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Polymer clay artists. clay artists, jewelry makers

Main objective:
Learn how to incorporate the use of gradient to increase the interest of your clay work.



About the instructor

Lisa Pavelka

Lisa Pavelka, a Colorado native who now resides in Las Vegas, is an award-winning artist, designer and author. Although she is well versed in several mediums, she is best known for her polymer clay expertise. Having worked with the medium professionally since 1989, she has focused her creative energies in taking polymer clay in new directions; especially in the areas of mixed media applications. As a polymer clay pioneer, Lisa has tackled everything from jewelry making and home décor to scrapbooking and altered arts to name a few. She has shown the crafting world there is almost nothing that can’t be done with polymer clay, whether it’s coming up with new techniques or covering the back of a van. Lisa is the author of several books including the award-winning bestseller: Polymer Clay Extravaganza (North Light Books).

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