Sarah Scott

Sarah learned to knit and crochet at age 6. Soon after she learned to hand sew, followed a few years later by learning to use a sewing machine. From a young age she showed an affinity for needlework and the fiber arts, which she pursued throughout her life, at one point being a seamstress for hire (with a costuming credit on a Sundance Film). Sarah has worked professionally as a sample knitter for Classic Elite, Lorna Miser, Marianated Yarns, and many local designers. She has taught and designed for Michael's, and has been a designer and knitting instructor since 2001. She's active in the knitting and spinning guilds in her community, and has served as president of the Salt Lake Knitting Guild. She now serves as an administrator on the board of the Great Basin Fiber Fair. Sarah has picked up more hobbies along the way including quilting and weaving, and she can't seem to stop. She lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, with 9 sewing machines, a massive inheritance of fabric, her four darling children and a very foxy husband, who is incredibly understanding about all the fabric, yarn, and roving stuffed into every corner of the house.

Sarah Scott

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