Beginning Knitting Fun


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

Have you ever looked at someone knitting away and thought to yourself “I wish I could do that!”?! Well, with this course you can!  Tips and tricks galore, and the various jargon you’ll need to walk into any knitting group with confidence, you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time!



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What You Will Learn

In this course, we’ll learn what I call the Four Core of knitting: Casting on, The Knit Stitch, The Purl Stitch, Binding Off. We’ll also look at different kinds of needles, different kinds of yarns, and various methods for holding the yarn in your hands as you work along, we’ll look at ways to mix your stitches together in order to create a textured fabric, and how to increase and decrease your stitches in order to shape your item.

Class 01:

  • Different kinds of needles (wood, plastic, metal, straight, circ’s dpn’s)
  • Different weights of yarn (worsted, fingering, DK, bulky, etc), show
  • Different kinds of yarn (commercial, hand-dyed, ombre, handspun), show

Class 02:

  • Casting on (backward loop, long-tail method)
  • Knit stitch (if time, show ktbl for a twisted knit stitch)
  • Hand positioning (continental, English)

Class 03:

  • Purl stitch
  • Binding off (knit, if time talk about purl, in pattern)
  • Garter Stitch
  • Stockinette (reverse stockinette)

Class 07:

  • Pin cushion
  • Simple 4-square mat, or placemat, or table runner

Class 08:

  • Cowl or infinity scarf

Class 09:

  • Stole/poncho
  • Books/resources

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Beginning Knitting Fun

Time table:
6 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Fiber artists, weavers, anyone who loves playing with yarn and/or want to start a new hobby or career.

Main objective:
Learn how to knit


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