Weaving a Scarf on a 4-Shaft Loom

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In this class, participants will learn the tricks and techniques to put the threads on a four shaft loom, called warping the loom. With the tricks that Deanna has to teach, this process will be quick and easy. While using these skills, we will be weaving a scarf. We will be going over the best ways to correct errors, keep the edges even, and special helps for using two shuttles.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • About Deanna
  • Why Weaving
  • Tools Needed
  • Names of the parts of the looms
  • Glossary
  • Types of yarn and patterns
  • Determining your project
  • Warping decisions (length, yarn, color, etc.)
  • Measuring
  • Winding
  • Placement

Class 02:

  • Winding
  • Positioning the Loom
  • Threading the Heddles

Class 03:

  • Reeds
  • Tying on the front rod

Class 04:

  • Overview
  • Checking the threading and correcting errors
  • Tying the peddles for the pattern

Class 05:

  • How to wind the bobbins
  • Floating Salvages
  • Weaving in the header
  • Using two shuttles
  • Shuttle handling
  • Keeping your salvage edges straight
  • Adjusting tension

Class 06:

  • Finishing off your piece
  • Ham stitching the edge
  • Twisted edges
  • Correcting errors after it’s off the loom


  • Handouts
  • Organizing Your Tools so they’re useful and readily available
  • Organizing Your Notes so that you can re-do your projects without learning everything over again

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