Warping Your Loom from Front to Back

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In this class, Deanna will show you the why and how of warping F2B. Deanna uses this method for specific warps, but it is a good warping method for almost all warps and it is the one she teaches to her beginning weaving students. There are some tricks that she has learned over the years and these will be shared with you so that you can incorporate this method into your weaving vocabulary

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • About Deanna
  • Material needed and tools, books I like

Class 02:

  • The type of warps that I use this method of warping

Class 03:

  • How to choose yarns for a mixed warp

Class 04:

  • Hints and tricks to use for winding on an even warp

Class 05:

  • Weaving twills

Class 06:

  • Twill variations

Class 07:

  • Manipulation of two shuttles when weaving with a “tabby” weft

Class 08:

  • Methods to keep each towel you weave the same size

Class 09:



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