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What is essential in watercolor painting is you, the artist! You are the creative behind each brushstroke, each color choice, every decision about how the composition will evolve. It is everything.

Whether you are expressing your inner calm, your soulful artistry, your joyfulness in painting, it all may be expressed in painting flowers that sing.

Painting together to make the essentials of watercolor painting your means of communicating, you become more familiar with the use of color mixing, color theory and the selection of color themes. Foundational techniques become part of each painting you do. There are many options to choose from and you become familiar with compositional styles and focal areas that are the armature of each artwork you do in the Quick Bites Series Let’s Paint Flowers in Watercolor.

The basics become part of your toolkit: brushstrokes, blending, blotting and bleeding shape creation, negative and positive shapes, layering of shapes and colors, lifting, loose application, clustering connecting, shading and highlighting, where to use detail, adding leaves and stems, and adding contrasts of color and value.

As artists, each of us is at the beginning of our personal journey. The Quick Bites Series is a way for you to get from “here to there.” You can compare yourself with where you have started to the goals you reach individually.

Whether you paint a single rose or a huge array of blossoms and blooms, your paintings will benefit by your creativity, backed up by your knowledge of how to express stunning, complex floral compositions, glorious floral inspirations, and the desire to enjoy the cherished process of painting. This is a step-by-step demonstration program:

1. Lighthearted Flowers in a Long Vase –
The flowers in this painting come to life through the saving of whites with masking fluid and then painting in the fine brilliant colors. There is drop in color that adds to the feel of real flowers in a wonderful dramatic display.

2. Summer Blues –
The flowers are realized through the wet in wet process and then some subtle wet on dry and glazing techniques. The gloriousness of the vibrant blooms and the complementary juxtaposition of the colors are the secrets to its beauty.

3. Sunshine Bouquet in a Round Vase –
The flowers dance and are joyful in profusion in their Sunshine Bouquet. We will incorporate new and exciting techniques to create this effect.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Watercolour Medium

  • We talk about what watercolour paint is and how it relates to water. We look at flat washes and gradated washes, wet-in-wet painting and wet-on-dry painting.
  • We look at types of paper to use for watercolour painting.

Introduction to the Watercolour Medium

  • As part of the discussion about composition and the focal area (center of interest) we take a look at how to make sure that the viewer sees what we want the viewer to see. We look at many ways to know if you have a center of interest.

Colour Theory – Mixing and selecting colours based on the Colour Wheel

  • We continuously mix and explain our colours to create the ones that we want to use. We discuss Complementary Colours and their uses in a painting. That will include colours for colour vibrancy, how to remember them, and how to mix colours into opposites on the colour wheel to use as neutral colours.
  • Watercolour painting generally does not include black or white paint. We talk about what colours to use for warm and cool passages. (Creating colours for sunlight and shade). We will talk about harmonious colours. (Analogous Colours)

Brushstrokes and Blending

  • There are a number of handy brushstrokes that make shapes easier to paint. In particular blending colours into other colours is very useful.
  • We talk about charging colour into the water and dispersion of the colour into the water. We can talk about the shine on the paint and when we can scrape and scratch and keep dropping colours into paint on the paper surface.
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  1. Yamile

    This is a super fun course to paint along with. The results are gorgeous and you can hang them and they will look so great. The teacher explains everything very clearly.
    Whenever you have some time and need a real lift this is the course to do.

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