Silversmithing – Making a Pendant with a Custom Bezel Setting for a Cabochon


Beginner friendly:

Ideal for someone just starting out or someone who wants to learn how to do silversmithing on-the-go, in an apartment, or in a small space. Great for students, retirees, and anyone that wants to be able to make jewelry safely in their home. Also good for intermediate students to see other ways to do things

Target Market:

Jewelry makers, silver smiths, and anyone working in small metals for wearables or small sculptures.

Main Objective:

To learn basic metal handling and manipulation techniques, to use a butane micro-torch to solder sterling silver

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What You Will Learn

Class 1:

  • Intro and bio
  • Basic Tools needed
    1. Micro torch benefits and limitations
    2. Absolutely required tools
  • Materials needed
    1. Fine vs Sterling Silvers
    2. Solder types
  • Safety considerations

Class 2:

  • Cabochon selection info
  • Discussion of different types of bezel wire
  • Creating a bezel
    1. Bezel height and thickness considerations
    2. Corner considerations
  • Soldering the bezel

Class 3:

  • Designing the pendant
  • Selecting the right thickness of sheet metal for your project
  • Texturing sheet metal
    1. Tools you can use
  • Adding embellishments to the design

Class 4:

  • Soldering the Bezel to the backplate
  • Adding decorative wire
  • Sweat soldering embellishments

Class 5:

  • Removing extra metal from around the design
    1. Sawing vs shears
  • Finishing the edges of the backplate

Class 6:

  • Creating a bail for the pendant
    1. Making a Halo bail (2 versions)
    2. Making a traditional fold-over bail
    3. Making a convertible bail
  • Soldering the bail into place

Class 7:

  • Checking the fit of the cabochon(s)
    1. How to adjust a bezel height
  • Finishing techniques
    1. How to fix common issues

Class 8:

  • Different tools to smooth, texture, and finish a piece
  • Adding patina
    1. Safety considerations with chemical patinas
  • Other ways to add color to metal

Class 9:

  • Stone setting
    1. Different tools and techniques for setting the bezels
  • Final Finishing


  • Templates for fancy bails
  • How to stamp your own embellishments
  • Using scrap to create embellishments
  • Using premade settings in your designs (calibrated vs uncalibrated cuts)
  • Texture techniques

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