Sculpting a Polymer Clay Dog


Learn more how to creat a glass cane in the Murrane style

Karen Baker will be bringing back her creative talents to show us how to create an adorable polymer clay dog! She will walk us through each step start to finish including intricate details to add character and personality to our furry friend. It is a great course for beginners as well as experienced artists to gain something new.

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What You Will Learn

Get your polymer clay ready and join us for lots of creativity, laughter and fun while we learn together with Karen!

Pawsitively Whimsical: Sculpt Lifelike Polymer Clay Dogs & Cats with Karen Baker”

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of polymer clay sculpture and celebrate the love of our furry companions with Karen Baker’s captivating course, “Sculpting a Polymer Clay Dog & Cat.” This heartwarming class invites you to master the art of sculpting lifelike dogs and cats, capturing their unique personalities and charm in exquisite detail.

Under the guidance of renowned artist Karen Baker, you’ll learn to expertly craft your very own polymer clay pets, honing your skills in both sculpting and painting. As a special bonus, you’ll receive access to several exclusive photos, in-depth lessons on painting your dog sculpture, and expert tips on creating realistic fur textures.

In this delightful course, you’ll:

  • Discover the endless possibilities of polymer clay sculpture
  • Learn to create lifelike dog and cat sculptures with intricate details
  • Master the art of capturing your pets’ unique personalities
  • Explore various techniques for painting and finishing your creations
  • Gain exclusive insights into sculpting realistic fur and hair

Whether you’re a pet lover or simply an aspiring artist, this course will ignite your creativity and deepen your appreciation for our furry friends.

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