Pattern Making For Cosplay, Film Props and Costumes


Pattern making is a versatile skill that not only helps you understand commercial patterns better, but also allows you to modify them and duplicate garments you’ve simply seen. Maybe you are in theater and need to create a historical garment for a show. Maybe you really like to go all out for Halloween. Maybe you have expensive taste but not the budget. Maybe you struggle to find clothes in your size or in colors and patterns you like. Maybe you’re a mom with growing children who you wand to dress uniquely. By taking this class you will be able to replicate anything you see, whether it’s in a museum or a department store. Additionally, these skills are transferable to film, armor and prop making which is especially useful to the DIY-er, cosplayer or jack of all trades.

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In-Depth Instructions

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Tools and vocab
  • Demo taping mannequin
  • *Take Measurements
  • Fabric types

Class 02:

  • *Draft the front bodice
  • Dart placement

Class 03:

  • *Draft the back bodice
  • *Truing the pattern pieces
  • Talk about the mock-up (wash, get on grain, etc)
  • Pattern markings and pressing

Class 04:

  • *Cut out and sew mock-up
  • Fit the mock-up
  • Make adjustments and transfer back to paper pattern
  • Talk about style lines (princess, empire, etc)

Class 05:

  • *Draft the sleeve
  • Talk about sleeve types
  • Importance of cap height

Class 06:

  • *Set the sleeve
  • Talk about and draft collars
  • Transferring everything to cardstock

Class 07:

  • *Finishing techniques
  • Facings, bias binding, understitching

Class 08:

  • *Drawing flats (thinking ahead/style lines)
  • *Manipulating darts (examples of what pattern pieces look like)
  • Slash and spread vs. pivot method
  • Creating fullness (wrist, cap, cowl
  • Creating pleats
  • Draping as another method (bonus class)

Class 09:

  • Dissecting my costumes
  • *Historical inspiration
  • Thought process, method, fabric choices

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Pattern Making For Cosplay, Film Props and Costumes

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Anyone who wants to create their own patterns.

Main objective:
Draft your own custom patterns.



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