Mastering the Basics of Drawing with Procreate: Photos to Digital Art-for Ipad Users


Unlock your creative potential with our comprehensive and engaging course, “Mastering the Basics of Drawing with Procreate: From Photos to Digital Art,” exclusively available at Curious Designed for beginners and those looking to enhance their digital drawing skills, this course will introduce you to the world of Procreate, a powerful and user-friendly digital drawing app that will help bring your artistic visions to life.

Join us at Curious and begin your journey towards mastering the basics of drawing with Procreate. Let’s embark on this artistic adventure together and unleash your inner digital artist!

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In-Depth Instructions

Available on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

What You Will Learn

Throughout this course, you will:

  • Get acquainted with the Procreate interface and learn how to navigate the app efficiently.
  • Explore the wide array of brushes, colors, and layers available to create unique and dynamic artwork.
  • Understand how to use the essential drawing and editing tools in Procreate, including the selection, transform, and smudge tools.
  • Learn how to import, trace, and transform reference photos, turning them into beautiful digital illustrations.
  • Develop essential drawing techniques such as line work, shading, and blending to create realistic and expressive artworks.
  • Discover how to add final touches and export your creations to share your masterpieces with the world.

As you progress through the lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises and projects that will help you apply the techniques learned in the course. By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundation in using Procreate and be well on your way to creating impressive digital artwork inspired by your favorite photos.


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