Keeping The Man You Want in Your Life

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This course is about locating the real source of women’s strength, tapping into her Sacred Feminine Power and developing a new way of listening to herself and others.

Women of the past knew themselves as healers and peacemakers in their families and their communities. They understood and celebrated the significant differences between men and women. Women used to train their daughters how to listen to their essential feminine nature, their intuition and they taught them the timeless secrets that captivate men. We no longer have those Mavens in our society who empower women to honor our feminine powers and use them to our advantage. This course is that training.

You will learn the secret ways women keep their men captivated. You will confront in you what you are not listening to, what you have become disconnected from as a woman and you will see where allowing yourself to honor your nature will benefit every area of your life.

When you realize what has been missing in your life, what your power truly is and then what your responsibility is, you will understand how you have kept yourself stuck in low self esteem. Which is always a way to keep you separate you from your true self,

The secrets you learn are:

  • Understand your role as a woman in our modern world
  • Learn what it is you really want from a man
  • Learn the real and significant differences between men and women
  • Learn what men truly can’t live without and why they stay
  • Find your authentic voice of feminine power and learn how to be responsible with it
  • Create a future you are inspired to live into.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Truth vs. Fantasy
  • Commitment vs. Addiction
  • How to fully commit to the promises you make
  • What’s Your Fantasy Exercise
  • Action Items

Class 02:

  • Opinions, Facts, and Beliefs
  • Fact Processing; fact vs. opinion
  • Living your own truth
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Being Present Exercise
  • Action Items

Class 03:

  • Creating Sexual Tension
  • Personal Identity and Spiritual Self
  • Men need men and women need women
  • Levels of Consciousness, Levels of existence
  • Life—what makes it worse and how to make it better
  • Introduction to Processing—upset and shock processing.
  • The Hottest Sex You’ve Ever Had Exercise
  • Action Items
  • Communication skills in relationships

Class 4:

  • Communication Skills
  • How to be qualified to be in a committed relationship
  • Willing to share your body
  • Keeping you identity
  • Action Items

Class 05:

  • Presence Paradigm Technology
  • Interrelationship skills
  • Creating Synergy
  • Game plan to create your happy long-term relationship
  • Hard Conversations
  • How to Create Your Future as a Woman Exercise
  • Action Items

Class 06:

  • Achieving Potential
  • Creating your legacy
  • Positive stories
  • Tapping into your intuition
  • Distinguishing love, sex, and romance
  • Action Items


  • Bonus!
  • Detailed outline of the exercises
  • Book: Re-framing Your Life: A Guide To Becoming Invincible

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Business | Curious Mondo: Timeless Secrets that Captivate Men

Time table:
6 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Women seeking to captivate men

Main objective:
This course is about locating the real source of women’s strength, tapping into her Sacred Feminine Power and developing a new way of listening to herself and others.



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