How to Start, Monetize and Mass Distribute Podcasts and Web Shows


Let’s start with the basics of podcasting and move to high level podcast distribution strategies.
Having a podcast today, video or audio will position you as the expert in your field, create a following and open new doors.
Podcasting is easy, fun, profitable and one of the best tools to market a business.


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What You Will Learn

From structure, implementation and marketing we’ll show you everything in a paint-by-the-numbers way. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like to be in front of the camera, don’t have a lot of time, don’t know how to market and hate technology. It’s simple and fast. Seriously, here’s what happens:

  • Master how to create EXPLOSIONS of income in your business
  • Create your super-duper TV Show for WEB & TV
  • LEVERAGE your time and income for beyond 1:1 service
  • Structure your message to get MASSIVE ATTENTION and become IRRESISTIBLE to your audience
  • We’ll show you the different types/formats of Web TV Shows and how to select and incorporate the one that works best for you in your existing business.
  • How to create your own New TV Show fast and free!
  • Get your show on Actual Television
  • How to structure each episode for maximum sticky-ness from viewers.
  • Avoid the one thing that can kill a show.
  • How to get viewers.
  • How to market on auto-pilot to attract clients constantly.
  • 17 built-in revenue channels
  • How to decide which is the best approach for your show. Which angle to take, how to create content for it, etc.
  • How to increase your client retention utilizing your show.
  • How to create your 30 days implementation plan.
  • Hot trends that you can leverage on

Who is this for?

  • This is a great program for coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers and service professionals who would like an easy way to market their business, get massive exposure, become known, and make more money.
  • For people who are tired of wasting their time and marketing dollars on things that don’t work.
  • For coaches, consultants, trainers and speakers that want to leverage the content they already create.
  • For people with great passion for what they do who are motivated to add value to people’s lives.

Who should NOT join this program:

  • Undecisive people.
  • People who run their business like a hobby not a business.
  • People who really don’t want to embrace an opportunity that will make them soar.
  • People who whine a lot and never implement anything.97

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