How to Make Rope Bowls and Bags

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In this course I’ll show you how to make cord bowls and bags and then turn them into art pieces. The technique is simple and the possibilities are endless!

Using this foundational method you can make baskets, coasters, plate chargers, hot mats, table runners, rugs and bags.

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What You Will Learn

We will cover different formats of bowls – round, oval, square, and odd shapes. Plus, different finishings, bowls with fabric, and other methods.

All you need is some cotton cord and a basic sewing machine!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: How to Make Rope Bowls and Bags

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced.

Target market:
People looking for a new hobby, Artists, Creative folks and Fiber Artists

Main objective:
Learn how to make beautiful baskets, ropes, and bags with rope and cord!


Class 1:

  • About the instructor
  • What we are going to cover
  • Cotton Rope Fundamentals & Tools
  • Start a round pad – enablers

Class 2:

  • Start a round plate,
  • Talk about mending
  • Sewing colors
  • Prep fabric

Class 3:

  • Adding fabric to a bow
  • Start a round bowl
  • Creating add-on rose for finishing bow
  • Different sewing colors
  • Oval shape-Making into a round bowl

Class 4:

  • Oval Round Night Purse
  • Jelly rows

Class 5:

  • Painting a bowl
  • Adding applique

Class 6

  • Round purse with sides
  • Lid
  • Heart bowl

Class 7:

  • Decoupage
  • Square bowl
  • Dyeing
  • Start soft pottery
  • Cup

Class 8:

  • Paper beads
  • Second pottery – 1st enabler
  • Making Art

Class 9:

  • Zipper vase
  • Poppy


  • Bonus Class: Pitcher- neck and handle
  • Bonus Class: Genie lamp
  • Heart patterns
  • PDF with instructions

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